Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 3 - 4 of Nov 2011


#1 - Taken in school.

#2 - With Jayley in class.

Went to Bugis for the Shokubutsu fitting. Was one of the lucky few to get a nice fit for my clothings.
#3 - Loving this white lacey dress! Super matchy with my curly hair and hat.

#4 - Was supposed to wear this for my another outfit but the shop workers said they are out of stock ON THE DAY ITSELF luh! Zzz max.

#5 - KFC Buddy meal with Wan Zhou after that.

#6 - Feeling super Jappy that day. See the importance of hair and makeup? xD

#7 - Bored in class and spotted this drawing in the newspaper. Here's my rendition on the Left. :P
Weird looking girl I know. :X

#8 - Like what I've drawn (from references), you gotta look and feel good to exude confidence. ;)

#9 - Close up of the fonts.

#10 - Went to C's place and he gave me this Pepero Stick he bought from Korea for me. :D

#11 - The packaging is so colourful and pretty!

#12 - Huge Pocky-look-alike-stick.

#13 - (^_^)

#14 - The Kang brothers' rabbit gave birth the 2nd time, to 2 babies! But unfortunately, both times it gave birth, all the babies dies. :(


#15 - TV production practical assignment due date. Filming in process.

#16 - I was the news anchor of the day!

#17 - Shall end this post off with a photo of mine. xD

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi where do you get the white top with the stitch print, so cuteee!(:

  2. Where you get your lenses from? Mind to share?

  3. Hey! :) Where did you get your customised name necklace from?

  4. @Anonymous1 Haha, a present from C. Think he bought it from Taiwan.
    @Anonymous2 It was sponsored by past advertisers.
    @Anonymous3 A gift from C again, got it overseas.

  5. HI! :) Where are you studying, what are you studying anyway?

  6. @Anonymous4 Hello there! I'm currently studying at MDIS doing a Mass Communications Diploma.



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