Monday, December 26, 2011


Here to wish all of you Merry X'mas and an advance Happy New Year! :D

Wanted to post these before I left C's house for his family potluck dinner, but was rushing so I couldn't post it up before 25 Dec. Now I'm 1 day late! Hope I'm not too late since we are all still in the festive mood! :D

Monkey Hayley out to play!

Here are some photos taken from Photobooth and C's few-weeks-old camera (pictures are so clear I feel like crying cos you will be able to see all my pimples, never apply any foundation somemore. Sigh).


LOTD: Pinkish purplish reddish eyeshadow with false lashes.

Making our way to his uncle's apartment, which is walkable from C's house.

Took the shot on the right and felt that it looks nice! So C helped me;
One with flash and one without.

Not that we were lazy, but we had things to carry, so C drove over.
Camwhored while waiting for him to buy some necessity from the grocery store.


 乡村 Hayley out to play!

Loving the shot on the right! So dreamy! xD

Santa hat from the past carolling job.
Yellow knitted top with a <3 from the past advertiser.
White lacey skirt, a gift from C.
Grey PGMALL bag from Pgmallspreee.

With C.

On our way up in the lift!

So what exactly happened at the party? :D
Potluck style 'buffet' dinner~

Gloomy C posing with the X'mas tree. 

On the kitchen table, loadsa fruits prepared for the........

My favourite! :D


And after~ ^_^

Back in the living room, C playing with his nephew, Aiden!

Aiden's expression in here is so cute!

So hard to get two kids looking into the camera at the same time.

C look so adorable here!


C and his beloved grandma whom totally looks like C's GF in this photo! xD

Photo with C's cousin, Amanda, before taking some food.

Some of C's cousins, uncle and aunty.

Artsy photo taken by Ranieri. (Girl in green and pink dress spaghetti above on the extreme right)

And that's us eating. Lol.
The otah was like so tasty! I'm one person who can't take spicy food. But when it comes to the stuffs I love to eat........... Different story! xD

C being goofy, as always.

C's camwhoring skill is really improving. LOL!

Ranieri's sister, Ramona. Their mom noticed that we were both wearing a top with a heart shape. xD

Random shot taken by C while I was adjusting my falling lashes. Took them off in the end. xD

While hiding in the kitchen savoring the fruits with chocolate fondue, I heard loads of laughters.
Went out and saw some of them swimming! xD

Here's Jacko! Still remember him? :D

He kept on barking the whole time while staying near the edge of the pool.

Back at the house, I had my turn on the 天王倚. So it was Amelia's turn!

Random profile shots of me taken by C.

And I were posing for this two. :P

My cutie C. <3

Owner of the apartment, Uncle Terry with his GF, Amelia plus her dog, Jacko!

Random photo of the beautiful chandelier.

The cousins and Uncle Terry cheering altogether (or rather gulping down the whole can of beer :x).

Family photo taken by yours truly, before we kick-start the gifts exchange session.

Amanda 'won' C's present! He bought this Santa suit from London! Not cheap okays. :P

What did C get????

A rubber cup cap!

C acting all retarded with his gift! ROFL

What about me? :D

A cute cartoon-ish pouch! All of them said it suits me a lot. xD

Quite cute!

What about Jiaxi?

An electric toothbrush!

But it was 'stolen' by his cousins, so he gotta pick on up again.

An orange waterbottle!

Well, it got stolen again, the last gift he picked up was a SIA limited edition calendar. Haha!

Random shot of me again.

Amelia wearing her sister's 'won' gift.

So cute and brillant of her to insert a pillow at her tummy area!
Don't you think she resembles a female version of Santa Claus now? xD

Amelia tummy-bumping with Uncle Terry. LOL!

Uncle Terry's friend managed to lift both Ramona and Ranieri! *Powerful man* (Y)

Ranieri and I got a lil bored, so we went on decorating on a Gingerbread man.
Here's the outcome!

Took Polariod with myself and C.

 Went back to C's house at around 2am +.
And he surprized me with another X'mas gift!
A grey knitted cardigan with the letter H from London's H&M.
Thank you darling! :D

Helped the Kang brothers to clean their rabbit cages till around 4plus 5.
Time to wash up and pamper our skin! :D

Gonna buy more of these masks with the ear hooks!

Yup! So that was how I spent my X'mas eve!
Happy holidays! Thanks for reading!


  1. the pic posted in this entry is so much clearer and better than ur previous posts. good!

  2. it's good that you have a clear camera, you are sooo much prettier in these pictures! :D you should really tie your hair to one side. pretty max <3

  3. Happy Birthday to you and Jayley :) Happy holidays and I love all your photos.

  4. Merry belated Christmas!
    You look super cute in the selcas and it seems that all the photos are filled with lots of love and fun!

  5. Zomg, I just realised I missed out replying comments to this post! So Sorry!

    @Anonymous1 Cos most of these pictures are taken by a DSLR!
    @Anonymous2 Well, I don't own the DSLR! It belongs to C! And thanks :)
    @Celine Thank you!
    @Melody Aww, thanks sweetie!
    @Anonymous3 Haha! Thank you! <3

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