Wednesday, December 28, 2011

插生班 Music Showcase

Was invited by OMY for 插生班's Music Showcase.

#1 - While waiting for Mint to reach.

#2 - Normal mode/HDR/HDR-Art by the Casio ZR100.

#3 - Top photo was taken by the Casio cam and the bottom by the Iphone4's cam.

#4 - Spot them! Loving Carrie Yeo's hair colour!

#5 - And them looking my way. xD

So the whole night, they sang many classic pieces from 2000 to present. Very nice and soothing voices!
Love their harmonization! I always have a thing for harmonizing. Gonna brush up on that!

#6 - With Mint! :D

I hope I will be able to have a mini sort of showcase at least once in my life! Haha, but not up to standard yet. Since I'm so used to making videos at home, am still a lil frightened when someone ask me to sing in front of a crowd. *Reminded of the terrible debut stage for Shokubutsu* >_<
Oh wells! Thumbs up for local talented singers! Singaporeans must be patriotic and support own talents man! (^_^)v


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