Saturday, December 03, 2011

My new toy - CASIO Exilim EX-ZR100

All pictures were taken with CASIO Exilim EX-ZR100's High Speed SR Zoom mode.
Basically, it enables clear multiple-magnification zoom without the need for an optical zoom. High-Speed Continuous Shooting technology instantly captures a burst of images, and then combination technology precisely analyzes and positions each frame to piece together a clear, detailed, final image.

#1 - Dolled myself up before heading out.....

#2 - to the....

#3 - Press conference held at the:

#2 - YES! The Magic To Win 開心魔法 press conference.


#4 - Yeah, bet you can see the photos. xD

#5 - Shall just let the pictures do the talking. ;)

#6 - Raymond Wong, the producer of the 开心鬼 series.

#7 - 吴尊 and the director of the movie, who also was the director of IP Man.

#8 - Look at the happy ladies/media people.

#9 - Gotta thanks OMY for letting me have a chance to be there.

And this was our pass for the day. xD

2 Fellow bloggers who were there with me too.
#10 - Claire.

#11 - Claire and I.

#12 - Candid shot with Deenise.

#13 - Tadaaaaaa~ Much nicer one.

#14 - Group shot!

Now back to the main people of the day.
#15 - 葉偉信 Wilson Yip.

Moving on, photos of the guy you guys wanna see most.
Some shots of 吴尊 looking into my camera! :D
#16 - The one that I twitpic-ed, taken by my Iphone.

Photos taken by the Casio Exilim.

#18 - Yeah, look here look here! :D *Snap*

#19 - Blur but still looking my way! ;)

#20 - How can he look so handsome and cute even when the picture is so blurred?

#21 - :D

#22 - Not counted, but whatever luh. xD

#23 - This shot makes him so cute!









#32 - Woot! Handsome 吴尊 looking my way once again.

#33 - Now Raymond and Director's turn looking my way. Lol.
#34 -All smiling so happily.

#35 - Last shot of the 3 of them.

#36 - Group shot of the important people.

#37 - :)

#38 - After the press conference ended, we went to held the mic they held. Muahahaha!

#39 - Requested to take photo with the host, Danny Yeo too.

#40 - Candid.

#41 - :D

#42 - Appeared on Danny's blog.

#43 - Together with another blogger, Moonberry. (Cop-ed from her blog)

#44 - Close up.

#45 - Group shot with the girls at the hotel lobby.

#46 - :)

Drove down to PS at around 7plus. In time to catch another glimpse of him.
#47 - Meet and Greet session.

#48 - An unclear shot of the 3 of them standing on stage.

#49 - Blurred shot of 吴尊 looking my way. xD

#50 - Close up yo!

#51 - Collage of him! Zomg he looks cute when he pursed his lips. Who agrees with me!???!

#52 - A photo before.......

#53 - .....Him signing on the huge board behind them.
#54 - Busy signing posters for those 100 lucky ones who queued the night before.

Walked to The Cathay after the session and just so nice, they were all walking behind me.
Turned my back to see him and the rest of the crew stepping out of the van.
#55 - Anyways, went to watch the movie at 9pm. A picture with Claire and her friend, Crystal.

Go catch the movie if you haven't!
Starring: 黃百鳴 (Raymond Wong), 吳尊 (Wu Zun), 古天樂 (Louis Koo), 吳千語 (Karena Ng), 閆妮 (Yin Ni), 松明 (Tonny) and 吳京.

That's about it!
Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did!
Thanks for dropping by!


  1. You should invest in better camera dear. Pain in the eyes to see these photos.

  2. Hello Anony, I think the camera is good just that it is difficult to capture shots of the people who are probably moving about. They are not posing for the camera that's why :) No matter how good the camera is, if the person is moving, the photo will end up being blurred one :)

  3. ahh awesome! i bet he's damn damn cute in real life :P

  4. @Anonymous1 Hi there, I'm sorry that your eyes hurts cos you saw those photos. But they are awesome to me IMOH. ;)
    @Anonymous2 Aww, thank you for backing me up. :)
    @Anonymous3 Yes he is!



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