Saturday, December 17, 2011

A post full of words

When people ask you questions, MOST of the time, it means that he/she is interested about you and your life.

However, if you CHOOSE to be rude, impolite, ignore and not care, by all means, please shut the door up.

Nothing much will change. Just that the impression of you in that one person, would.
If it doesn't affect or matter to you (since you pretty much can't be bothered) at all, GOOD FOR YOU!

But remember: Please do not call that person (who you have already subconsciously-offended unless you would like to APOLOGIZE sincerely) when you need his/her help.
He/she may be,"Yeah sure, I'll help you out and do you this favour. Why not?", and give you the hand that you need.
But the truth is, deep down in his/her heart, there will always be a part of him/her, that will FOREVER remember how you treated him/her before.
It's easier than said, to forgive and forget."

Please do not have mindsets like the following:
"Aiya, don't worry be happy! They are my mother father sister brother leh! We are blood related so they confirm plus chop will help me out one!"
- This is taking for granted. Sucks to be them to have you as their daughter/son/sister/brother.

"You not so petty one right friend! Help me out luh friend....... Pretty please..? *Puppy eyes*"
- This one lagi worse. Not apologizing is bad enough. Still want to turn one round and shoot the person for being petty.
There must have a reason for them to turn helping you down:
Either too lazy, busy, or (like the previous you who shut your door up), CAN'T BE BOTHERED.

As times goes by, one will surely be taken for granted.
Question is, how exactly do you snap out of it?
For me, I would try my best to make an effort and constant reminders:
"He/she won't always be there for me. If I continue to take him/her for granted, one day, they will just leave me because I totally deserve it since I'm the one not making an effort to sustain that kinship/friendship. Karma is a bitch."

Moral of the story: If you don't even give a damn about others, what makes you think others would care FOR you in the future? What goes around, comes around. ;)

It's never too late to start changing for the BETTER!


Good! You're not a total badass! So start making an effort! ;)
Perhaps, you may start by wearing other people shoes. Think about how they would feel when you treat them like this. Do you want to get the same treatment?
"I don't think so!"

On the other hand, if you are still adamant and one of those who still can't see or realize your mistakes and don't think you're at fault AT ALL, GOOD FOR YOU TOO!

Know why?

Cos if something bad ever happens to you, people who knew your true character, will be laughing so hard at your downfall and cheers,"FOOD GOR YOU!"


  1. Is it just me or what? I think that this picture of yours really look like jaejoong! Hahah! Hayley, can you do a post for tvxq during their 8th anni? :)

  2. @Anonymous1 Haha really? xD Yeah I will be blogging soon! :D

  3. Yes! As pretty as jaejoong! xD all cassiopeias will be very happy to see a post from you dedicated to TVXQ! ^_^ did you went to see homin's fanmeet that happened earlier on? ^_^

  4. @Anonymous1 Aww, thank you! xD Yup, I went to both the SNSD concert & Yunho&Changmin fanmeet. :)

  5. oh, hahahah! do write something about them during 26th ^_^ hehehe. the fan vid was ultra touching. ):



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