Sunday, December 04, 2011

Post-Singha Full Moon Party 2011

So on 25th of November, C, Jiaxi together with their group of friends and I went down to the party @ Attica.

#1 - *Now you see me, now you don't*

All photos were taken with the Casio Exilim ZR100's HDR mode.

#2 - This one is C's and mine favourite one out of the lot.

#3 - LOTD = Look of the Day.

#4 - I know some of them look similar, but I just can't decide which to post and which not to. Might as well post all of them up, save me the trouble. xD

#5 - Pimple on my right cheek :( Luckily, it's gone already.

#6 - Say Cheese!

#7 -

#8 -

#9 - :P faces. The bottom right one is currently on C's phone as wallpaper. xD

#10 - Making our way to Clarke Quay in the car. Orchard have got like the nicest lightings ever this year!

#11 - Finally there.

#12 - That's C. Check out the crowd in the background!

#13 - In this photo, from Top to Bottom, you can totally see the differences between the modes I've used.
First was taken using the Auto mode. Second was taken using the HDR mode. And the last one using the HDR-Art mode.

#14 - It's Jay on the Hay ladies and gentlemen! xD


#16 - Both of us stumble our way to the front and met Silver babe!

#17 - Gotta thank this lovely boy here. Thanks C!

#18 - Goofy brothers and their friends who was able to make it at the end of the day.

 #19 - Thanks to Leo for coming too!

#20 - Camwhore in car.


#22 - Without flash.

#23 - With C.


#25 - Met C's parents and uncle at the carpark. Played a lil with Jacko before going for dinner.

#26 - At the Ramen Stall, near Rochor Beancurd.

#27 - A change of clothing.

#28 - Candid by C.

#29 - My cha-soba craving is satisfied and his ramen!

#30 - *Winks*

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey babe! How much u get for Os? And is mdis a good school? What r the requirements? Cause I did badly for Os and I'm thinking of taking private diploma in mass comm too. Any advice?(:

  2. @Hey Hello! 27 I think. Badly done! xD Not bad actually. Passing your English and 5 other subjects. Try your luck! You can come for the walk in and ask them on the spot. I emailed them about mine and it took quite a while to get everything settled. So I would advise you to come to the school instead.

  3. C has a twin brother? and you n C are couple?

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