Tuesday, January 10, 2012

20th Birthday!

Birthday prelude with C! He brought me to Hotel M for.........

...... My birthday eve's brunch!

Something he brought from the vouchers website. :D

Random shots of me.

Although too much back light, but I like this photo!

The effect that I love about DSLR. xD

One thing I hate about DSLR tho, is the clarity. Zomg, my complexion like cui. And I need to do more treatment to my hair already! So frizzy! :(

After waiting for approximately 20 minutes, our set lunch had finally arrived.
No idea what's this called, BUT IT IS EFFING DELICIOUS! The orange layer on top is some form of jelly. First time tasting something like that! Very nice!

Love Japanese's Miso soup~

Very nice tofu with this greenish salty sauce.

Teriyaki chicken with rice.

And of course, all kinds of raw fish.

Hayley: Good! I'm satisfied!
*Pats tummy*

So we left the hotel and drove back to C's house to get some stuffs. Watched Nat Geo a while before heading off to Mustafa. At around 11plus, C got hungry. Wanted to eat at CMK, but the Indians there ignored him. So I suggested Old Town. Drove to Cineleisure for that and we were counting down to 00:00. xD
On our way to Resort World Sentosa, the beams of light shining out from MBS Sky Park were really beautiful! Risking the chance of getting summons, we quickly made our way to Marina Promenade and snapped a few photos. xD

Haha, I was kinda high at that moment. xD

The blue glowing area was the thing that grabbed my attention while we drove past!


Self take time!

Met mommy at the Casino to take the room key from her and checked into Hard Rock Hotel's room 455 at around 1am.

Quite spacious! Here's how the room look like. Two queen size beds.

Right in front of the beds, a mounted Teevee.


Loving the basin area!

Really creative! Using a guitar to store all the necessity.


If I were to decorate my house in the future, I will definitely buy something like this. So prettaye!

Not long before I finally drift off to my dream land.

(Totally no idea that C was taking photos of me while I was asleep.)

Next day, which is 27th itself, Natalie bestie was the first to arrive in the noon! :D

Her gifts to us - Handmade cookies (SUPER NICE!) and a bottle of Merlot.

Curling my hair in process.

And photo taking time!

With Nat~

With Mr. C!

Left for the Deluxe Suite in Festive Hotel at around 7plus. The theme for this hotel, is our nation flower; Orchids!
Luckily it's much bigger than the room @ Hard Rock.
The living room area with a balcony.

The sink area.
The bedroom - King size bed with a balcony!

A leather couch next to the end table.

Really love the washroom a lot!

I was so damn psyched when I saw this!

Shower area.

The view from our balcony.

We were all saying that these photos resembles those you see in the RW hotels' corporate websites. LOL

The brown huge 'sofa' really caught my attention! No idea why, but just by looking at this photo, it made me feel all chillax. LOL

Enough of the gorgeous scenery photos!

Preparing food.

Successfully smuggled all these into the hotel. LOL. Some cooked by mommy and some bought by C.

With bestie again. :D

My secondary friends, Purdey and Eugenia were one of the first who reached, and probably the only ones who followed my theme; Pink OR White with Red lips!

MDIS classmates: Dynah and Ron!

After searching for the hotel for quite sometime, Jasper finally called me and asked for directions. 
Told me that they came an hour earlier but was lost in RW. LOL
L to R: Dynah, Carmen (or Karmen), Jasper and Ron.

AhToon finally arrived...... With his new hairstyle!

With the early-comers, Jayleybeanies.

And my dear stitchies from Hayleycopters! :D

Surprised me with the Tees and a stitch cake plus super lots of gifts! Super thoughtful of them! 
Thank you my dears! Really appreciate the things you guys have done. But please do not buy me any more stuffs in the future! I rather you all save your pocket money and keep it for yourselves than spend on for me! It's the thoughts that counts. ;)

Looking for the candles.

No idea what Krystelle (1 of my 4 admins of Hayleycopters) is doing. Haha!

Oh, there are my JYPE/Alpha clique on the left! xD

Hayley: WAITTTTT~ Can't blow the candles without Jayley!

Mini birthday song. Lol, that sounds weird.

After blowing of the stitch cake, it's time for MORE photos! Hehe!
L top to bottom R: Leo, Minhua, Alfred, Jiahui, Mengyu and Hayley!

 MDIS Classmates: Dynah, Jayley, Hayley, Noni, Ron, Carmen, Jasper and Noni's plus 1.

My two gorgeous 2E3 classmates from TSS. Too bad that Agnes, Siao Chi and Sheryle couldn't make it down.

JUMP! cast members plus the two birthday girls!

Jayleybeans and Hayleycopters combine forces! HAHA!

With parents! All thanks to them for the successful birthday gathering! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Daddy look so cute here! :D

With 李南星's son and 李南星's brother. ROFL.
 Jayley look so cute here luh!

全家幅. LOL xD.

Forgotten to take a photo of our 'official' birthday cake! :(
They say a picture says a thousand words. What about a video? :D

The only photo of the cake I've managed to find.

MORE PHOTOS.................................. What else can I type?

Smiley daddy..

Bored Nat and amused mommy! xD

Sleeping Hayley, blissful Nat and victory Alton.


Love the following photos! :D

Helium balloon from Natalie too!

With Noni and her plus 1......
And my MDIS friends again!

JYPE/Alpha clique, without Celyn. Minhua is our new addition! :(

Group hug! :D Aiyo, why did Jiahui blink!

Rest a while after everyone had left. Time to open up all the presents!

Jayley got me this - Puma's Loop Light Purple Watch. Well, she actually won it from the Puma Social Diary. But hey, I'm actually loving the watch!

The blue one from the admins of Hayleycopters and the pink one from AhToon who got it during his trip to Korea.
AND GUESS WHAT?! C got me the one in blue too! ROFL! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES MAN!
Anyways, am currently using the one in blue. A lil pity over how it gets so dirty easily; Rubber material. :(

 From Purdey and Eugenia, to both Jayley and I.

From all my MDIS classmates.

Thank you Dynah for the lovely pink flowers!

From Jasper, Melon Soda Yogurt (which I've yet to drink) and a cute cat paperweight!

Carmen: TBS!

Ron, who always address me as Royal Princess, got me a princessy jewellery stand. xD

From talented drawer, Noni! A nail polish from Etude House, bangles,necklace and rings from Diva. AND hand-drawn card (Not photographed in here).

>_<'', from JYP clique - Undergarments from Topshop. LOL

From Justin and someone else, nameless. Forgotten who passed it to me too. Maybe Yida.

And these are all the gifts from the fans who came!

Yup! That's pretty much how we spend our 20th birthday!
Am really touched and happy to finally have a chance to spend it with people I love and people who gives a damn about us. Probably the first time we had this many people celebrating our birthday together with us. The rest of the years was mostly spent quarreling with our parents etc. So this is by far, the most successful one!
Hope next year, our 21st will be a blast. Really not the type of girl who like to plans her birthday. xD
Thanks to those who came to the gathering, and of course those who wished they could make it but couldn't in the end and those that wished us through SMSes, Whatapp, Twitter and Facebook. Your wishes are very well appreciated

P.S. I actually did bring along another blue dress with me, but both Nat and C said that the one I wore is much nicer. So I didn't change. xD Not that I'm dirty or what hor! :P

And once again (as usual), thanks for reading!
Hope you will have a great day ahead.


  1. Is the food at the Japanese restaurant expensive? & is the food good?

  2. you look really tall. whats your height? :)

  3. @Anonymous1 Yeah, the price is kinda higher than normal Japanese shops as the shops uses ingredients shipped directly from Hokkaido. It's good! :) Worth a try.
    @Anonymous2 Haha really? 1.66m. :)
    @Anna Aw, thank you for loving us. xD

  4. Hey girl, some of the photos had over stretched. Making you look abit plump. :X

  5. @sunniielurves That's very true! XD

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