Sunday, January 01, 2012

Baby, you're a firework


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2011 was a not-bad year for me. 
Hoping that this year would be a even better and smooth-sailing one!
Wish good health to everyone that I love and care for.

So here's how I spent my New Year Eve....

C came to fetch me in the noon at my house. Drove to Holland V and dined at Sushi Tei.

Went to Pets Lover Center and saw lots of cute dog! My favorite dog, Pomeranian was there too!

 Saw a huge black Labrador!
Guess how old is he?


Went back to C's house. He bought some groceries from the NTUC nearby while I used his laptop. Came back and whipped up some simple dishes.

#1 - Not cooked: Mushroom with butter and cheese.

#2 - Preparing for another snack.

#3 - Trying hard to open the packet of......

#4 - Can't see? xD

#5 - Frozen nuggets!

#6 - Mushroom in the oven...

#7 - Finally done after a few minutes. Stitch enjoying the delicious mushrooms!

#8 - Tak glam photo of me eating. Posting this up because I'm loving the deep double eyelid here and my nose bridge! LOL 

#9 - "Stop snapping luh!" expression.

#10 - The nuggets were finally cooked! But the meat stick to the plates.

#11 - My new tongue! xD (crabstick)

#12 - LOL, C's one and only favourite goofy and scary expression.

#13 -  Lastly, dessert! :D Chips Ahoy + Choco ice-cream + Blueberry flavored Pocky sticks + Marshmallows.

#14 - Decided to go see fireworks after eating. C rode Jiaxi's bike while I was snapping photos away behind him.

Snapped a total of hundred over photos within a few minutes? LOL
The followings are the ones I felt looked nice and sharp.






















And a few from my Iphone!









I love fireworks. I realised New Year is the only time where everyone on the road will horn loudly to celebrate the start of a brand new year and also, shout "HAPPY NEW YEAR" to people around you whom you don't even know. That moment was magical. It's somehow the same feeling of that on the National's Day; Patriotic. xD

So how exactly did you spend yours? :D
Leave a comment and share with me!

Once again, thanks to those who have been reading and supporting this blog.
I love to read the comments you guys post! So do share with me!

See ya and enjoy your new year!


  1. Hello! Happy New Year 2012. :D

    I spent my New Years Eve getting a haircut/dyed hair, headed down to Perth city (I live in Australia) for the countdown and ended the night at the Casino. My boyfriend went to the toilet in the Casino and told me that there was a couple making love in one of the cubicles. One of the most interesting things that we experienced in 2011, haha.

  2. Happy new year! Last long with Cheng xi ! (:



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