Monday, January 30, 2012

Collective post for January

Haven't been taking much photos this month! 

I know I know! 
"It's January, a brand new start of the year plus CNY leh! Why never snap more photos?? >:("

Continue reading and you will know. ;)


C bought a voucher from those website and there we were at this super ulu place near the Bird Park.
Time for some Japanese/Korean BBQ!


C looking all so happy with the food. xD

Really like this photo of him! Au Natural~

Some other side dishes that we ordered.
Teriyaki Chicken.

Karaage and sotong 'balls'.

The food there wasn't very nice, except the Sotong 'balls'.
And to our dismay, the promotions that the shop was having, cost even lesser than what C have paid for through the website!! O_O'''
Oh wells....


If you've followed me on Twitter, you would have seen this! :D
Guess what C was cooking? xD

Haha! First time seeing someone frown while cooking. xD
Cooking the Mac-Donald-big-breakfast's egg. All you need is to add some milk into a bowl with beated egg! :D

Final outcome! Looking at this makes me hungry!


Random photo of C donning the new clothes that he bought for CNY.
And yes, that's a high waist pant. LOL 


Twitpic-ed this before. Here's another photo. xD
Received my result through post that day.
Wasn't very well done but wasn't that bad either. Just disappointed to see a 'F' in the result slip. :(
Random photo of self-painted bling bling nails I had earlier in January.
The pink polish was from Faceshop and the bling part was Chinaglaze's Nova. ;)

Another random photo of myself with white lashes! LOL

Didn't do any house visiting this year cos Daddy wasn't around. 
First house visiting was at C's aunty's house. 

C went to walk the dog at the corridor.

Outfit of the day sponsored by Pink-flare. Even C likes the peter pan collar!  
Unfortunately, I've lost both the buttons at the sleeve area. :(

Here are some of my favourite-photos-of-the-day!

Loving this blurry and messy hair of mine! :P

Been consistently reaching out for mascara these days whenever I put on makeup! Can't be bothered to put any foundation or concealer. Just the eyes and brows. xD 
And of course, LIP BALM is a must! :D

C likes the one of the left. No idea why he digs my high forehead. xD

After the house visiting, drove down to Takashimaya there for the Jade Buddha. 

Some shots taken by C.

C's cute grandma!


Saw this 'painting' that was created with sand!

Group shot of C's family. And yeah, C was goofing around, trying to imitate the Buddha posture. xD

C and I. :)

xD xD xD

Went for a casting with Jayley. Happy that it was so near Mustafa! That only means that...............
An edited photo by Jayley. Loving those eyes! :D
If only we were all born with big big sparkling eyes like that!

On our way out for mom's birthday dinner!
LOTD: Some shimmering eyeshadow at my inner corner and mascara!

Realized I hardly upload any B&W photo of myself on my blog! So here's one. xD

Wanted to eat at 民众, but it was closed. So headed down to the nearest restaurant that C recommended. Apparently it's quite famous cos the staffs told us that we are quite lucky to reach early as 7.30pm slots onwards were all fully booked! 
Yusheng~ 劳鱼生! Huat ah! 

Some of the dishes that we ordered. 
Ordered a total number of 8 dishes for 7 people. No thanks to C. xD
So who was there yesterday? @jiaqiwoo, @tansockchen....

@rongfang, her mom and her BF.
A lil sad that Natalie and Ahtoon wasn't able to join us. xD

Here's a series of photos that I've snapped while Jayley was savoring her 扣肉包. LOL
My another half camwhoring on using my phone.
Went to Suntec after dinner for movie: I'm not Naughty by Jack Neo.
Frankly speaking, I find that movie really boring. Only liked the part where the teacher's wife gave birth. Most of the time I was like 'Meh'. :x

A round of basketball at the arcade before our movie starts.
My score was so lousy cos mom disturbed me while I was playing. :(
2nd time C scored so high! The first time he scored high was at Iluma, trying to beat me. But I won him then with a score of 340+. xD *Girlpower*

Shall end off this post with a photo that made my mom LOL.....................

Good morning to some of you and good night to me! 
Random note: Check this video out! Gotta love acapella groups!


Jayley like photo #3, on the top row of my face.
I like photo #1 and #3 of Jayley's face, on the bottom row.

Share which is your favourite down below! :D

Thanks for reading!


  1. er... it is actually a japanese BBQ restaurant.. not Korean.. haha!!! thou its a bit like mix la.. the nicest is the sotong ball! haha

  2. Top left 1 and 2nd pics!Looks cute~XD

  3. Ahaaa,you do look alike with your sister,hardly recognize,hoho..the things that makes you different with your sis is your long hair and the mole by your mouth,hehe...:)

    1. Woah, such a old post of mine! :P
      You're really observant!



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