Sunday, January 08, 2012

Happy 22nd month & BRANDS Music Changes Lives

Starting the post off with my favourite camwhoring shot of the day. Gotta love good hair and makeup day! Makes snapping photos a breeze~

Followed by the rest of the shots I took! Find them all quite pretty so decided to upload them all. :P

C sent me down to Mediacorp for a while.

 Met a girl there whose Alton's friend too.

Random eye photo. Lol.

Happy 22nd month dear C! 

Didn't mean to 'fatten' his character face. xD 
How I wish my jawline is as sharp as the one I drew.

Dined at Manhattan Fish Market @ City Square Mall for our lunch.

Vouchers that C have bought from Groupon.

The followings were all taken by him.

Loving my lashes! :D

And this by me. :P

Dropped me off at UCC at around 5pm, for the BRANDS press conference. 
Got some very nice exclusive photos of Lee Hom, thanks to BRANDS for inviting me down. :D

Now, time for the some LOOK-INTO-MY-CAMERA-photos, shall we? :D

Lee Hom leaving after the chat with the media.

Final 4 young talented kids performing for the night.

Refreshments for the media.

Concert started at around 8pm.

Seated, waiting for the showcase to commence.

Drove out to the place outside and near UCC for supper. Didn't eat cos I was full.

Look at those sleep-deprived-eyes.

Really love how my lashes look here! :P

Some durians before ending the night! *loves*

Thanks for reading.


  1. hi hayley!:D
    may i know what are the lashetype of falsies you are using in the photos and where can i get them? ^^
    you look really gorgeous in them!:D

  2. How did you spend your birthday? any post coming up?

  3. Wow!Your drawing is really good!So cute!I think your jawline is quite sharp already right.HAHA

  4. @:D It's like those Japanese looking lashes. You may find those in Watsons tho I bought mine from online sprees. Brands like Dolly Wink carries them. Aw, thank you! :)
    @Anonymous1 Yes yes! :D
    @Anonymous2 Heh, thanks dear. xD

  5. hi babe

    may i know u used which eyeliner to draw yr lower eyeline? and also the highlighter pen used for yr eyes. tks !!

  6. @Anonymous3 I uses eyeshadow for both my liner and highlighter! :D



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