Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I am the #lastmanstanding!

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So last Friday night on the 30th of December, I was at Clarke Quay search for the #lastmanstanding machine.

The name says it all. The idea is to prove to people that finishing the night sober has its rewards. By avoiding alcohol, they'll find that the real prize of a night out lies at the end.
Had a hard time looking for it. Didn't know it's some kind like a mini amazing race. xD
Started looking for it at the fountain area. (So ps that I don't even know where the fountain area is! Found out that I was actually standing in the area after I asked a lady standing beside me. :/)

One more camwhoring shot before we set off to find the 3 feet tall machine.

Walked the whole Clarke Quay area (well, almost!) and the machine was nowhere to be seen!
One of the organizer who was with us, played a lil cheat and called for help. Guess where?
In Zirca's carpark! O_O
The hint we got earlier was that the 'crew' were all wearing costumes and that they were roaming around Clarke Quay. So we gotta spot them! But none was near the area we were in. *Too bad*

Finally found! :D

So what is the point of this machine standing behind us?
Well, it actually sort of acts like a breathe analyzer that the police officers use during road blocks, checking if how much have you drink.
What I was told to do was to just blow in air through the straw, and the machine will 'calculate' the amount of alcohol I've consumed.

To be the Last Man Standing, you laugh in the face of alcohol: 0% - 0.0019%
Tickled Pickled, one too many naughty naughty: 0.02% - 0.059%
Ditzy Babbler, earplugs for everyone: 0.04% - 0.059%
Giddy Guzzler, it's about to get ugly: 0.06% - 0.079%
Drunkensteined, ugly is about to get you: 0.08% and above 

Not a fan of smoking and alcohol since young, thus I've always been the one encouraging people not to smoke or drink. Just don't seem to comprehend why they still do it when they know that it's so health damaging.

No prizes to guess what result I've attained! Of course, I AM THE #LASTMANSTANDING! ;)

Each participant that reaches #LMS will get a chance to take a dip in the prize bowl to instantly win the followingprizes:
- 2x movies tickets to any Cathay cinema (or)
   - Playnation vouchers (or)
   - Starbucks vouchers (or)
   - SuperBowl vouchers

These are SOME activities that you can enjoy instead of Binge-drinking.
Grand Prize:

All #LMS winners will be pooled for a chance to win atrip for 4 to Bali which will be announced on 9th Jan 2012 on theBreathe.sg FB page.

Survey Prize:

#LMS winners or non-LMS loser can receive a S$20 voucherif they complete an online survey on the Breathe.sg webpage – website addressis found on back of handout card.

So I've won a pair of Cathay movie tickets! :D

Followed by a survey. (In this new age era, people no longer uses paper. It's IPad now! #geek)

Did an interview and got questioned (jokingly) if I've practiced my speech at home before I come. LOL!

And I thank Collette for her sweet compliment. :D

Photos time!

Sze Li, first time meeting her. :) Nice to know you!

Collette! One really pretty mixed blood babe! Heard from Jayley that she was one of the finalists from New Paper New Face 2009.

A group shot together!

Chanel babe spotted me and remembered me from the JYPE/Alpha auditions last year.
(So sorry cos I can't remember! *Stupid STM of mine*)
Chatted with her a lil while before she leaves to do her job.

After chatting, I turned my back and suddenly the carpark entrance was full of people!
Guess everyone was curious to see what's this machine all about!

Saw a group of Caucasians trying out the machine as well! The dude got Ditzy Babbler! No lucky draw for him! (Only Last Man Standing gets to draw.) :P


A fun night out is not about how much you've drunk, but who you're with and what you're doing.
So whether you choose not to drink alcohol or keep to the limit, you can still have fun.
That way, you keep your self-dignity.
Sure you can drink, but watch the amount of alcohol intake. 
CUTTING DOWN is the way to go.
Same goes to smoking. However, if you really wants to smoke, think about your loved ones: Smoke somewhere else PUH-LEASE, don't make them second-hand smokers.

Moral of the story: 
You can still enjoy the night without drinking or smoking! :D

Thanks for reading.



  2. how come ur photo quality is lousy again? did u use ur camera?

  3. Your new header picture is so pretty!!

  4. header picture v pretty! hahah agreed!

  5. I love your new banner better than jayleys aaha

  6. @Anonymous1,3,4 Haha thank you! :D
    @Anonymous2 Yup, I don't own that DSLR! It's C's. Lol.
    @Anonymous5 Lol! :X



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