Monday, January 16, 2012

TNP ft. Hayley Woo

28th December last year (1 day after my 20th birthday), Alton and I went to the Alpha auditions, which was held in my school, impromptu-ish.

C dropped us at my school at around 1plus in the noon. Waited for more than 3-4 hours in the canteen and auditorium for our turn. Decided my song choice on the spot and sung to 孙燕姿's 我不难过!

A cute reader came up and approached me for a photo while I was in the auditorium. :)

Didn't eat the whole day except for some fruits in my school canteen. After our auditions, bus-ed down to IKEA for some late brunch.

Last Saturday which happens to be 14th of January, I went for the JYPE/Alpha auditions 2012 for the second time. Wasn't as nervous as compared to my first time in 2010.
Jayley dropped me off at MDIS' entrance before zooming off to Kallang for her JUMP! photoshoot.

Met Diane, Maressa, Meng Yu, Min Hua and Eekie at the auditorium and we all queued together!
I called for McDelivery and we had our breakfast outside the holding area.

Did an interview with The New Paper's reporter.

Didn't snap much photos that day.
Here's a series of photos taken with the talented singer and photographer of my blog header. :)

Here comes the goofy Minhua and Hayley! :P

Meet Maressa, one of the top 2 who represented Singapore to compete in the TVNstarhunt!

Alfred came and we all bus-ed down to IKEA for our lunch. Great bunch of people to hang out with! Laughed till my mouth turned sour! Literally 'XD'.

Let's all hang out again! :D :D :D
@DIANEEEY @SealFred @maressaz @Minhuahahaha @MYuDreamRain @icedmilktae

When we were about to leave IKEA for Anchorpoint, 3 of my Stitchies came panting, looking for me!
Told me that they rushed down all the way from Sentosa just to meet and take Polaroid with me. O_O
Three silly girls! <3

Random photo of me without contacts.

So anyways, I'm on TNP's page 22 today! (^_^)v
Here's my point of views:

That's about it!
Thanks for reading! 


  1. i have the same dream as you! and i really really want to become a singer, but i know i don't have any talent and it's gonna be really hard for me. but no matter what i'm gonna try my very best till i become good enough one day! :) oh btw i saw you last saturday at the audition! you're pretty!!! :)

  2. @Anonymous1 Thanks for sharing! Well, I don't have the talents too. Yes! Let's all work hard! :D Aw, thank you! I felt cui that day cos my face isn't in its best conditions. xD

  3. Hey! All the best! Are you working on your graduation projs already? Graduation date? I was thinking if I will be able to bump into you if I decide on MDIS. (:

  4. @Anonymous2 Haha yeah. Feb something I think! :)

  5. hi may i ask why do you want to become a kpop star? i mean i understand if you wanna be a singer but why in kpop and not c-pop? i mean honestly, the showbiz there isn't all that clean(suicidal cases etc.) and chinese may be disadvantaged there since koreans would, obviously like koreans more. so im just curious :)

  6. @Anonymous3 Well, everybody got their own dream and that's mine! I enjoy KPOP alot and I wanna be part of it. :)

  7. Have you finish all the exams already? (:

  8. @Anonymous4 Yes! Just got back my results today! :/

  9. How was the results?!! Goodluck for your Graduation Project! (:

  10. @Anonymous4 Haha if you followed me on Twitter, you would know! :D And thank you!



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