Monday, January 09, 2012

TVXQ Fan Meet Party 2011

Went down to the Kallang Indoor Stadium for the fan meet on the 4th of December, last year!
Courtesy of F&N! :D

Clearer photo of the whole atmosphere.

And there! The concert finally commenced at approximately 7pm. Loads of MV and clips were played through on the big screen.

Really love this shot. :D

I really like this pose. Very strong and charismatic!

Super blurry photo of Yunho. Very hard to capture one that isn't that blur as he's always dancing.

Wearing white really makes him stands out among his dancer! As if he was glowing. LOL

Changmin came out and join him!

Well, I'm really impressed with them or rather, all the SM artistes. All so handsome and pretty and WOW at their talents. Looks aside, they have got like the top groups who can all sing and dance pretty well!
Break from all that dancing and singing.

Yunho greeting the Singapore fans.

Digging their biceps! WOOT!

Nigel and Ahtoon was there as well. Went to join them and sat together for the concert.

With Ahtoon aka Dongsaeng aka Otokae aka Jiaqing. lov3s~

They sung and danced to quite a few songs! Was busy enjoying the whole concert, didn't snap anymore photos. xD

Saw Alfred aka Seal outside the stadium after the fan meet ended!

C came and fetch me at Kallang Leisure Park. Accompanied him and his family for their dinner at the KFC nearby. Went back his place and camwhored with cutie 土迪! :D

土迪:  Yawns, I'm tired too..
Hayley: Okays! Let's all sleep.. :D

Few moments later, Hayley woke up and shook 土迪 up to camwhore again! :P

Alrights, Hayley have got to get some rest now! Nights y'all!

Thanks for reading!


  1. You put on make up to sleep?

  2. @Anonymous1 OF COURSE.................. NOT! Was just camwhoring! :P



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