Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2nd week of February

06022012 - Hair Dying Day using Liese's Black Tea Brown~

07022012 - Drove to Arts House at approximately 7pm for the Low Kay Hwa's book launch.


LOTD: Brown eyeshadow and eyeliner.

When I took this photo and review it, I was like LOL-ing.


Letter H cardigan, a gift from C from H&M overseas.
Garden of Eden Dress from Pink-flare.
Black leather belt bought online.
Balanciaga Inspired Bag from FEP.
Oxford heels from Mondo.


If you would like to know more about Low Kay Hwa’s books, click here.
Goody Books was actually founded by him to allow him to concentrate on writing purely. :)

So that day, I posted this photo up while I was waiting at a casting. xD
Yes, I dyed my hair black using Liese's Black Tea Brown.

Loving my new shades!

Right after the casting, drove down to 46 Peck Seah Street for my manicure appointment!
Am officially sponsored by Envy Hair and Nail Spa. Do check their FB out for more information. :)

I was WOW-ed when I stepped into the nail room. It's so dreamy and princessy!

The paintings on the wall are so nice and elegant!

Here's Aini, my sweet and super friendly manicurist!

She's is effing patient! Let her decide on what design she wanna do for my nails

In the progress.....

There we have a acrylic 3D ribbon she created within 5 minutes!

End product:

It didn't feel long because the whole time I was chatting with Aini too. xD

The next day I woke up, found out that one of the ribbon dropped. Whatapp Aini about it and she told me to go down the next day when I'm free to help me 'mend' it. 
10022010 - Parents sent us to school early in the morning for our Graduation Project Presentation.

Selcas time!

 Imagine if I cut my hair to this length. :O

Love my eye makeup that day, especially my brows and bottom lashes. :D

Non-smiley photos.

My personal favourite is the top 2nd one. I know I know, some of y'all might think all these look the same. But hey! That's what happen when you take close-up/beauty shots! It's all about turning/tilting your head slightly in each frame. ;)


This will be how I normally look if you see me walking down the street.
Erm, a lil unfriendly and dao seh.....

Finally, in school's TV Studio. While waiting for our turn to commence.

With my another half. The black hair really do make a difference huh! Even I myself find that we resembles much more now.

With Noni, who was rushing to the airport to catch her flight back to her hometown, Indonesia, straight after these photos was taken!

Cabbed down to a place near Mustafa for a fitting.

It's Jay on the....

Hay yo!

Twin Power! :D

3rd place to be for the day: Envy Nail Lounge again! :D
Aini 'mend' back my ribbon and pampered me with a classic pedicure session! Let her decide on the design once again.

French tip with hand-drawn lace~

Spot the differences!

Blinging my toenails~

End product:
Do remember to check out their Facebook for the range of services they provide!
Last destination for the day: Holland V. Decided to go there with Jayley impromtu-ishly.
Guess what we found?

A super adorable Pekipom that cost 1k and a....
Pure breed Pomeranian that cost 5k. LOL at the difference.

I liked the Pom better than the mixed breed while Jayley preferred the Pekipom to the Pom. (How confusing was that? LOL)

Stunned when the shop keeper knew who we were. xD
Thanks for reading our blogs! :D
Well to be fair, the Pekipom really is quite cute! But it looks so sleepy!

Last day for this blogpost: 11022012.

Just nice Natalie bestie was having her FYP showcase at the Warehouse. However, wasn't able to make down in time to see!

Hung out with Jayley, Alfred, Maressa, Minhua, Eekie and Diana @ Scape for some Kinect fun.

Diane and Alfred dance off!

Seal posing. :P

Together with Seal.

Now, it's Jay on the Hay~

Jayley, Hayley, Minhua and Alfred.

Twin with Maressa, who was late and had to leave earlier. :(

Power dancer, Diane.

Girly cutesy dancer, Eekie.

Minhua's turn~

So what do I do when I'm bored?

 I started doing this and asked the rest to follow suit.

Jayley's one quite failed. LOL

And yup, and that's about it!
Seriously loving the eye makeup I did for myself that day!

Thanks for reading this effing long post! 
And sorry for not blogging for a while now~ Been really occupied!

Next post will be about my Batam and Bangkok trip! :D
Keep your eyes peeled to this space!


  1. Wow~Ur new hair color is nice~and really enjoy ur long post..haha..takecare

    1. Haha! Thanks dear! Glad that you enjoyed it! :D

  2. you and your sis really prettyyy! :)

    may i know what brand of contacts you use? can you recommend me a contacts that will make eye bigger but not too big?

    1. Thank you. :) Hm, it's from a Malaysian blogshop. Super Barbie Eyes. Choose those Geos ones that are 14.5mm. :)

  3. you guys are so pretty omg ;O

    btww, do you use your phone to take pictures?
    May i know which phone you use and which cam app you use (if you do) :D?

    I was just wondering from waht you said ('My personal favourite is the top 2nd one. I know I know, some of y'all might think all these look the same. But hey! That's what happen when you take close-up/beauty shots! It's all about turning/tilting your head slightly in each frame. ;) ')
    and cause you looked extra awesome in those pictures!

    1. Aw, thank you! <3

      Yes, I uses iPhone4 front camera to take most of my photos. No camera applications.

      Well, thanks for your compliment! I'm flattered. xD



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