Friday, March 02, 2012

3rd week of February

16022012 - Casting at the L'oreal office @ Winsland House.

Went to have some sushi with Jayley at Cineleisure.

While walking around after our brunch, saw someone familiar roaming around! GUESS WHO???
How can we not hang out after a coincidental meetup?! So we went for a Kinect session @ Play Nation. Had loadsa fun! XD


17022012 - What are we doing with this amount of money?!

... Even drove all the way to the East.....
All for BUI BUI!

Yes, if you haven't already know, we have got a new addition to our family!
This cute lil Pomeranian puppy named Bui Bui! :D

Was in another pet shop. Saw this Golden Retriever. If I've got a bigger house, I would totally get this breed of dog man! C and mine dream dog!

 Anyways, Bui Bui was brought from this shop.

Cost us around 1.8k. :)

On our way to Serangoon and Bugis before heading home~

Bui Bui was actually born on 3rd of December! Gotta love December babies! *bias-ness* :P

18022012 - Bui Bui's new apartment! Thanks to Freda!

Him lazing around.

Know we shouldn't bring him out that day cos he have yet to get his third vaccine, but we did as nobody else was at home. Haven't got him a proper carrier too.

Bui Bui sleeping soundly on the car on Jayley's lap. Photo credits to Jayley's iPhone. 

At the Dempsey when this photo was taken. Loving my new contact lenses tho not very enlarging!

Bui Bui looking so innocent!

The Kang brothers came over in the middle of the night to visit Bui Bui too.
We also let WWS meet Bui Bui for the first time~

Weird position for the 3 of them. LOL

C and Bui Bui look so cute here!

That's about all for the night!

Getting tired now. Gonna rest! Tomorrow is a big day cos it's BEAST concert at EXPO! :D
Can't wait!

Thanks for reading y'all!


  1. can i know what lens are you wearing? :)

  2. Hmmmm the shop that u go to buy your " bui bui " all pomeranian cost only 1.8K ? & which is the post that u post about many dogs (: ?

    1. Hm, I don't think so. Maybe you would like to go down and ask? :)
      I can't seem to find that post too. :/

  3. okay (: thanks pretty girl



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