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Bangkok Day 1

Sunday, 12 February 2012 

Quick reads - BBK 2010: Day I, Day II and Day III
Slept over at C's house the previous night as we had to wake up at 6am in the morning to catch our plane! He packed my favourite 糯米饭 from the hawker downstairs and his Nasi Lemak for himself. C's parents sent us to the budget terminal at around 8am.
Queued and waited for our turn to check in.

How much my luggage weighed before.

Chilled at Mc Donald while waiting for time to pass.

Boarding gates only open at around 9.30am.

Some selcas~

Walked around the duty free area before we head to board our plane.
Was kinda pissed off with the Tiger ground staffs! This Malay lady insisted C to check in his cabin bag cos she thought that his lugguage's size was too big for the overhead compartment. RUBBISH please. C was so angry he typed a letter of complaint when we were back.

Arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport at around 12pm.

Got into a cab and off we go to our hotel! Look at the seat covers! So exquisite!


Cab fare was around 300B. Not too expensive!

Our hotel! Stayed in the same one 2 years ago.

Couldn't manage to get a room immediately cos it's still undergoing house keeping.
So we offloaded right away and cabbed down to Chatuchak cos it's only opened on the weekends.
We straight away went to the pet section!

Do you know that you are allowed to keep sugar glider and porcupine there in Thailand?

One of the many pet stores that sells super chio bedding for the pets!

Many breeds were kept in cages like that there. Poor Huskies.... :(

I'm so going to get the pink ones when I go there the next time round! SO CHIO!!!!

The only cute Pomeranian that caught my eyes that day. Guess how much it cost?
300 SGD only.... >_<

One of my favourite meal in Thailand! Kway Tiao w chicken, herbal soup based. Super yummy!

Happy C with his mango sticky rice!

Pretty assorted cupcakes.

C shopping for his tees.

1 random selcas.

Went back to our hotel after walking for 3 hours.

Rested for a few hours before we head out for our dinner. Too tired. xD
8pm, we walked to this place for some delicious chicken rice!

Fully operated by women dressed in pink.

Really yummy!

Walked around Pratunam. C super love the roadside stalls that sells these:

Drumstick that cost 35B.

Cabbed down to Saphan Phut Night Bazaar for more shoppings!
Me looking at some earrings. Bought a few for Jayley.

Random bridge shot.

Lol, no idea why I looked so serious here. xD

The clothing there are pretty much similar to Taiwan fashion (although I have never been to Taiwan to shop before, but I'm an avid shopper for Taiwan online sprees)!

12am, cabbing back to hotel to offload.

Here's what C bought.

And here's what I bought.
Shades: 150B
Pink Leopard Top: 160B

140B + 150B respectively.

2 Stitch watches: 200B

That is C's slippers.
2 pairs of heels: 200B

What I bought for Jayley.
Tee: 160B
Domo spectacles box: 160B
Domo slippers: 100B
Bling bracelet: 150B
Balanciaga inspired wallet: 100B

Forgotten how much these costed!

First buy for the day and the only dress I got from Chatuchak, 120B.

After off-loading, went for a round of massage! :D

Took the time to snap the photos above and showered.
Slept at 4.30am.

Day 2 coming up next! ;)


  1. Wow..finally new update/post...thx for sharing ur trip~XD..Both of you really compatible and loving!

    1. XD Been really busy and lazy! No problem! Glad you enjoy reading it! xoxo

  2. Hi, there are a few baiyoke hotels. You stayed at the boutique one? How much does it cost per night? And it is good? :D Thankyou so much Hayley!! :D

    1. As seen in, it's Baiyoke Boutique dear! ;)
      100+ I think! Not too bad if you're not too picky! Since hotel to me is just for the bed as I'm always out shopping the whole day! So we thought it makes no sense staying in a nice one!

  3. Hey where did you get the contact lens in bkk? How do you know if it is authentic? I am going in may :)

    1. I got them from the night bazaars I went to! Well, I don't really know its authenticity but so many Thai people wearing them, it should be fine?

  4. hello! where did u get the stitch bag?

    1. Hi! If you meant the Stitch luggage, C got it for me when we were both in Phuket for holiday!



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