Friday, March 30, 2012

Bangkok Day 2

Monday, 13 February 2012 

Quick reads - BBK 2010: Day I, Day II and Day III

"So where are we heading out today?"

To Platinum Mall, THE place for all blogshop owners!

Upset that I woke up at 2pm to prepare. :(
Should have set alarm to wake myself up earlier so I can shop longer! xD

But before that, let's go grab some brunch first!
Some V's day decoration outside Grand Diamond Plaza - the place where we had our brunch.

Before reaching, C bought this choco Belgium waffles along the street. Not really nice so no photo. xD
The thing about eating in Bangkok is that you need to purchase coupons before heading to choose what you wanna eat.

C's meal.

Mine! Love to eat their Kway Tiao Soup!

AandW waffles combo as dessert, 115B.

After eating, it's time to spend some money! Didn't snap much photos! Too busy shopping!
But check this store out! It was nearly impossible for me to get in to take a look at the bags!

Got this dress for 320B! Love at first sight! Have yet to wear it out yet.

Here are some of the things I've got from Platinum Mall.
Denim skinny: 350B
2 chiffon dresses: 650B
2 slouchy tops (Striped & Orange locks): 400B
Pink Stitch tee: 100B

Got 2 tops for Ah toon too, 330B.
Smally sling bag: 300B
Balangciage Inspired shoulder bag: 750B
Brown ribbon belt: 180B

Cute right the kitty shades!
All 3 shades for 350B.

After shopping, went back hotel to offload. Napped a while before heading out for dinner @ Once Upon A Time at around 9pm.

After dinner at 11plus, cabbed down to Khaosan Road. Paid this guy to let him draw us. Sat down there for 30 minutes? And the clock strikes 12am!
Back to hotel at around 1plus am. Rest a lil rest before we head down for a round of massage at around 2am. Guess we were too late cos most of the massage parlor in Pratunam had already closed. Walked to the nearest one and gosh, totally not worth the money. The strength was inconsistent and the masseuses kept on chatting!

Showered and took photos of the loots and proceeded with a masking session with C.
Slept at around 7am! O_O

Day 3 coming up! :D


  1. Hi Hayley! How did you know where to go? :) Like all the places you went, how did you got to know of it? Because there's some which doesn't seem to be as "famous" or heard of. And for all the places you went, you just told the driver the name of the place and they would understand? Won't there be like wrong pronunciation and they won't get it? Sorry for asking so much and thanks! :)

    1. Haha, I need to thank C for that. He did some research before the both of us go there. :) Yeah, it helps asking the concierge too before heading out!



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