Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bangkok Day 3

Tuesday, 14 February 2012 

Quick reads - BBK 2010: Day I, Day II and Day III

Left hotel at approximately 3.30pm.
C went in search for a pair of bling Flip Flop for his mommy at City Complex. 
On our way there, he bought his favourite fried chicken wings too!

Tuktuk-ed to Siam Square for more shopping. Brunch at this place named Yum Saap.

Super spicy I tell you!

Had this again. Twice somemore. >_<

Simply irresistible! 

Walked back to hotel to offload. Head out for dinner at 10pm.

At this Thai-Chinese restaurant!

C looking through the menu.

There's this section at the side of the restaurant where they have all the seafood.

Humongous lobster! Even bigger than C's palm!

After awhile, all the food were finally here!


Thai fish cakes = YUMMY!

Not a fan of this lobster! Unless there's Mentai sauce on top. xD

Fried rice~

We were both so bloated! No thanks to C's awesome-over-ordering-skills.
Dinner was 1350B!

Cabbed down to Ratchada after dinner.
Saw this cute/weird toilet sign.

And gosh, they actually sell these on the streets! *PUKES*

Walked into one of the many lanes there. Found this shop that sell all different types of beanies.

Been looking for another pet store since the day I missed not buying a bed at Chatukchat.
Finally found this store that is quite hidden.
 Cute Chihuahua!

Spent a total of 1750B at the pet store.
Cabbed back to hotel to offload and head out for a round of massage at around 2plus am.

Back at hotel room at 2.35am. Started snapping the things I've bought for the day.
Shall start with the most expensive bunch - BUIBUI's belongings!
Very pink, I know. :P

Cute pink bowl.

Pink spotted cotton bed w dual functions!
A cave and.......

.... A bed!

Super easy to store in my luggage! 

Some other stuffs that I've bought for the day.

These two bags for 550B.

Leopard collar: 200B
Hair sponge: 120B
Hairclip: 20B

Peach big hairbow: 199B
4 hair accessories: 260B

7 skinny belts: 400B

3 sets of lingerie: 690B

Stitch couple tees: 550B for two!

Domo tee for Jayley: 300B

Slept at 5am in the morning! That concludes my 3rd day in Thailand with C!

Day 4 coming up! :D
Hope you guys are enjoying my outdated posts! :P



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