Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Have you Feecha-ed yet?

Went to Ikea @ Alexander to meet Mindy for lunch. She showed me her cool IPhone4's cover.
Yes, she's the community manager of Feecha!

Guess you guys should already know or at least heard of this App on Twitter/Facebook.
"Yes, that app with the creepy looking eyes.." - Was what I thought when I first downloaded the app.

Feecha is totally the new black man!
Forget about Foursquare, where you can only type 117 words and add only photos.
Feecha is basically a mini blog with location tagging function. People who ain't following you can see your posts as well! :D (Psst, people on Feecha are much more active than people on Twitter!)
Do download Feecha and follow me there! :D

You will see this "Reputation" tab on the top when you click on the person icon on the bottom right corner.
Full bar if you've got many followers. Shareworthiness and Talkability, as in how many refeech/hearts you have got for each Feecha. [Same thing as Twitter. Tweets = Feechas. Retweet = Refeech. ;)]
If your Feecha is getting a lot of attention, the bar will be full too!

Down the bar, you have "Following" tab. You can add or delete the interests that you're following. :)
Similar to Twitter, you can choose who to follow on Feecha as well! :)

So what exactly can you do on Feecha?

You can choose to take/upload a photo right away.....

..... Or post a video you deem interesting! :D

Last but not the least, you can paste a link on there as well!

After that, you can choose to share your Feecha on either Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. You may wanna add tags that are matching to whatever you're posting.

Tips: If you want your Feecha to get more attention, tag FOOD. Cos I think most people have interests in them. xD


So hurry go download Feecha on your iPhone or any smartphone now! :D
Follow me there too! Hayleystitch~


  1. interesting application

    Just FYI, there’s an event for bloggers and the prizes are iPad2 and Cash Find the info here

  2. Hi there! Wow, thanks for sharing! :D

  3. Hey I've got the same iPhone case but it seems really loose when I put it on my phone. How does your friend get it to "stick" onto the phone?

    1. I have no idea actually. If your phone is still in warranty, probably just go get changed!

  4. I see. Okay. Thank you :)



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