Monday, March 05, 2012

Nestlé celebrates 100 years!

Was invited by Christine to Children Little Museum located at 42 Busorrah Street for the celebration of Nestlé's 100 years!

Here we were at their kitchen area of the museum. Super love the wallpapers! So O-school!

Some demonstration going for to introduce us the new......
... latest new flavors of Dolce Gusto!
You can now brew your own hot or iced coffee using that black coffee maker you see on your right!

Damn cool!

Some finger food were served too!

Head of Nestlé's sharing his piece with us.

A group photo before heading upstairs.
Photo credits to Alvin.

Some of the things on showcase! Super vintage and brings back loadsa good o memories!

Back in the olden days....

Heard from the adults there that this was how they cut their hair in the past! No salon. Just some back street alley.
Photo credits to Alvin.

Oh, some of these things really do bring back memories!

After looking at so many toys, it was time to make our own!
You can also try this on your own! Just need to get these:

Step 1: Break 2 pairs of chopsticks and secure 3 of them with a rubber band.

Step 2: Spread them out like so, and tied the bands around at each joint.

Step 3: Put the marble ball into small plastic bags like so.

Last step, scrunch and tied the plastic to the end of the chopsticks.
Try balancing it on your hand!
Well, mine was an epic fail! It was totally sleeping to the left!

The trick is to pull the middle chopstick higher than the rest!

Calvin did pull the middle one up, but his couldn't stand still! xD

Up next, some of the bloggers tried playing the Chaptek.

And the winner was this uncle! xD

Five stones!
Mint showing off her skills.

After which, we had this mini kite making competition.

Needed a lil help there. xD

 The theme was about Nestlé. Well wasn't really creative that day, so bear with me.... :P

Photo credits to Alvin.
Photo credits to Darren.

End product! Just a simple typography.

To celebrate Nestle 100 years, they will be fulfilling 100 wishes made by you! 
Simplu by visiting the website and drop your wishes.

Thanks you all for reading! 


  1. Always thought you look like this TVB actress name Koni Lui!

    1. Lol, that's the first time I heard this. xD

  2. OMG! now tat someone mentioned... u do look like koni lui! but the shape of ur face is more subtle.. :)



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