Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Science Centre's Latest Exhibition


I can't even remember when was the last time I stepped foot into this place!
Am very happy that I was one of the first lucky few to have the opportunity touring the latest exhibition that they have got for us Singaporean!

Wanna know what exactly is the latest exhibition that Science Centre is having? 
Simply click the link down below! :D

So, I was the first to reach the vicinity as I stay nearest to the area.

Had my Mac breakkie first and waited for the rest to come. By the time everyone finishes their breakfast, we were running a tad late for the press conference!

Here's Prof Kerry Sieh (the Director of the Earth Observatory of Singapore) speaking.
Some background information about Prof Kerry Sieh.
He's the founding Director of NTU's Earth Observatory of Singapore (EOS), which aims to conduct basic and applied research related to earthquake, tsunami, volcanic and climate hazards.
He's a member of the US National Academy of Sciences, one of the highest honours that can be accorded to a US scientist or engineer.
He has spent the past six years studying Indonesian earthquakes, successfully forecast in a general sense Sumatra's 8.4- and 7.8 magnitude earthquakes near the Mentawai islands in 2007 and 2010. (That research also suggested that the megathrust is poised to produce yet another giant earthquake in western Sumatra within the next 30 years!)

After the conference, we proceed to the exhibition titled, "EARTH Our Untamed Planet".
The new exhibition was built from scratch in Singapore with contents, professional guidance and advice from the EOS scientists, who are also international experts in earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and climate change.
There are 7 fascinating zones in the exhibition, which take visitors (like me), on an informative and interactive tour of the earth's natural forces of destruction.
All of the scientists in the team have gathered loads of data over the years and have assembled the information in the layman terms, so that people like you and I will be able to understand what exactly is going on to our planet Earth.

So are you ready for this mini tour Imma bring you through? :D
Here we go~

Zone 1: Journey to the Centre of the Earth
A huge quadrant of the globe as the door to the exhibition. We entered through a crack in the surface and begun our journey into the depths of the Earth to uncover its secrets.

If not for this exhibition, I wouldn't know that the ground beneath us is actually not as solid as what we thought it will be!
Earth is actually made up of different layers, and that some of these layers can move!

Zone 2: Dynamic Atmosphere
Do you know that aside from the energy within the Earth, the Sun is the second great engine that powers change! The exhibits in this section, relates to the power of the Sun driving storms and weather phenomena that we see and experience.
The machine is the picture is the key exhibit of this zone - the Typhoon Simulator. Wanna know how does a wind of 150km/hr feels like without having to experience the real thing? Come on down and try this!
A reporter goofing around inside the simulator. xD

Now Szes Zhang and my turn to try!

Posing for a picture before we get our hair all tangled up! Haha!

Here it goes~
It was quite fun actually! Getting your hair and top blown up by the wind coming on top.
At first I still thought that I was gonna fly up in the air! Well errrr, nope. Did not happen. *Bubbles burst* 

Proceeding to Zone 3: The Earth Under Our Feet
Ever wondered how Singapore became and island??

Well, not too long ago (geological time-wise), Singapore was not surrounded by sea, but by land!
We could have walked from here to Malaysia, Sumatra, Java, Bali and even Borneo without getting our feet wet!

In this zone, you will be able to learn more about the formation of our little island and the geology of the rocks that you live on!
Key exhibit in this zone is this giant animated globe that can be used to explain complex global environmental processes in an intuitive and captivating way.
This Science On a Sphere is the first to be used in Southeast Asia!
Science Centre and EOS have plans to conduct educational shows using this tool in the near future.

In Zone 4, we have Tsunamis.
Unlike normal sea waves that are produced by wind blowing over the surface of the sea, Tsunamis occur when large masses of water are suddenly moved/displaced.
As they rush in from the sea, Tsunamis also bring with them material from deep seafloors, which leaves very distinct layers in the ground.
Wanna know what can trigger this displacement and how can different coastlines influence the impact of these destructive waves? Go check out the Tsunami Wave Tank!

Zone 5: Volcanoes
Do you know that Southeast Asia is among the most volcanically active regions on the planet with hundreds of active volcanoes?? Bet you don't!

So why are there no volcanoes in Singapore? Visit the mini replica of Mayon Volcano in this zone to find out more!
Watch this Belly of the Beast erupt and take a fantasy journey into the depths beneath the volcano to learn what powers this fiery mountrain have!

Zone 6: Earthquakes
In this zone, you will be able to learn how earthquakes are formed and how scientists study them. On-going research on the surrounding geo-hazard prone regions was also featured, to emphasize the importance of why we need to learn more about these forces.

Keen to find out how it's like when an Earthquake occur? Try the Earthquake Simulator!

The same dude in the Typhoon Simulator. xD

He pretended that he was cooking when the "Earthquake" begun. TROLOLOLOL

3 options to select the from:

So it was our turn to experience the quake! Remember to hold onto the bar for your own safety if you were there to try!

Look at the ceiling light! O_O

Zone 7: Living with an Untamed Planet
In the last zone, visitors are invited to contemplate whether our actions and decisions are putting ourselves more at risk from the forces of nature. The exhibits in this zone also present technology and knowledge that help to sustain our co-existence with our planet.

Finally the tour ended. All of us head on out for some refreshments.

A random photo of a Dodo bird right next to the table of where we chilled.

After some snacks, we were given time to explore the other parts of Science Centre before heading to the Omni-Theater.
So the 4 of us went to seeeeeeee the Dinosaurs...... First time seeing the bones.

Young adults with no childhood. LOLOLOL

Kidding luh! :P

Can you spot mine?

Walked through the "jungle" since we had the time to spare.
Freda made me pose like that. LOL

They are actually somehow realistic! They blink!

When I was young, I always prefer the flying dinosaur. xD

Blur but you can totally see that this one is ferocious.

Effing long neck. O_O


With testicles-like tail. LOL

Many pair of twin spotted!

Family dino! The parents' heads and tails were the animated part.


Pouty dino LOL.

A bird that resembles the Dodo bird, except it's 5 times bigger.

Cute bird!

Last dino we saw before we exit - Huge headless dino with very very very long tail. ROFL

Whole skeleton of a dino on display at the atrium which was waiting to be teared down before we stepped foot in to the exhibition area.

Looking at this, it still amazes me.

After the mini-dino tour that weren't in the itinerary at all, we proceeded to the Omni-Theater for a movie! Something is that related to Earth.

It was actually my first time there inside the theather (I think!)
This was so beautiful! Stars all on the screen stretched all the way to the top.

We weren't suppose to snap photos while watching, but I did anyways! (Not many tho.)
If I were to be standing at the top of a cliff and look down to this, I would probably die. (Well, not as if I would ever go to such places in the first place. But ya, I would probably faint and die there. LOL)

 Volcano about to erupt!

So yeah, as the title reveals, the clip was about caves. People exploring new caves for pharmaceutical purposes and researching about bacterias, hoping that it might be of use in the future to cure cancer. Well, I certainly hope they can hasten the process and quickly find the cure to cancers!

MRT-ed down to Somerset and spent the rest of the day with my Besties!
Us with center parting! Okays, Jayley's not really counted! LOL

Went to H&M twice yet always manage to not buy something out from there even though I have got like 3 H&M gift cards. Guess nothing really caught my eyes.....
Here's 3 photos of Jayley donning some jackets that caught her eyes.

This one is so Secret Garden-ish! The one that Hyun Bin always wear in the drama!
MRT-ed home together after that.
Been a while since we spend some quality time together! Miss those ITE days!

Well, that's about all!
Thanks for reading y'all.

P.S. Will be back from Malacca on the 12th! By then, I'll be collecting my dear Bui Bui Woo! :D Miss him so much!


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    1. Hi there! Q&M @ JP. Well, they are not sponsoring me so there's no 'ambassadorship' here. :)

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