Friday, April 06, 2012

Oasia Hotel & BEAST Concert


Super busy day!

Parents brought us to Chinatown for Yum Cha! Love the mini egg tarts there! So yummy!

Then Dad dropped us off at Takashimaya for Jayley to meet her 'teacher'.

Jeanette Aw's book signing @ Kinokuniya.

Photo from one of our followers.

MRT-ed down to Novena for another event.

The view was awesome!

Gotta love infinity pools!

There was a massage section set up specially for bloggers to relax their spine and bones.
Chilling by the poolside.

Love the sandwiches!

Didn't get to enjoy the massage cos we opted for a manicure session instead.

Didn't tour the hotel rooms either. Had to leave for Expo before human jam kicks in.
Nonetheless, check out my chio french tips nails!

Random photo of this super tall teenager. XD

Met Maressa and friends up before heading for the BEAST concert @ 7pm.
Thanks to Maressa, we got in without having to queue and go through the security checks! I still have got the full ticket without having the stub teared away!
Cos it was TVN starhunt's house manager who brought us in.

Went to the front of the seated areas to snap some photos.

Was suppose to sit here at B3 alone.... Fortunately, there was a seat available at B4, together with Maressa they all, at the same row! It would suck so much if I were to sit and enjoy the concert alone la!

Selcas before the concert commence.

I got so high when Yoseob and Junhyung sang Thanks To! My favourite song!

After the concert, it's photo taking time!
With Sorn (winner of the TVN starhunt), Jasmine and Maressa (Representatives from Singapore).
All of the photos, either Jasmine was caught blinking or the photo came out blur!
This is the only photo that is nice!

With Jasmine's friends, Grace and Sophia.

Group photo!

Singapore is really quite small! Saw Shikin (my secondary senior) there too!
With her and Maressa's elder sister.

2 of my Stitchies, Kelly and Shanice were there too! They were really lucky to be able to sit so front la! *Jealous*
 Oh ya, gotta thanks Shanice for that Polaroid of Yoseob! xD

Coincidentally, spotted Mengyu there too after the concert!

Shall end off this post with a photo of Yoseob singing...............

And my face again!

Thanks for reading guys!


  1. may i ask where you buy the top you and jayley are wearing?

    1. Mine was bought in Hongkong. As for Jayley's, it was sponsored by her past blogshop advertiser. :)

  2. Nice post..yoseob look sOOo cute!haha

  3. Mind doing up tutorial for your makeup in this post? It looks gorgeous!



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