Tuesday, May 01, 2012

1st Family Trip - Bangkok Day 1

Quick reads - 
BBK 2010: Day IDay II and Day III
BBK 2012: Day I, Day II, Day III, Day IV
(Singapore timing)


Our first family trip ever other than Malaysia/Genting!
Did some research before we head off.

Map of Chatuchak. I thought it was important to print this out since it's so frigging big!

Checked out more night markets.

Woke up at around 8 plus to prepare. Left for airport at 9plus~
All from BBK except for the cardigan and shoes (from Crocs).


Selcas taken while cabbing to the budget terminal.

Checking in....

Had Mac breakkie! :D

Haha, I literally flipped when I saw this photo....

Y HE SO CUTE!?!?!?!?!?!?

Time to board the plane!

Loving our passport covers!

Before touching down....

Pushing that fatty bom bom.

Cabbed from airport to our hotel costed 300B.

Our room number! One room consist of two single beds and one with king size bed.

Went to Platinum Mall's level 6 to have our lunch.
This mee is REALLY nice!

Mom's kway tiao soup and dad's herbal duck kway tiao.

Looking at this mango sticky rice photo, makes me crave for it again... :(
By far the most tasty one I've ever tried!

Their KFC egg tart there cost only 20B. O_o'''

Some bubble tea while shopping.

Went back to hotel to off load before hailing a Tuktuk to a restaurant for our dinner. Was a place where I've been to with C. Find that the food that is good and affordable, thus decided to bring family there to try.
Stupid f***ker driver told me he knows his way to the restaurant I want. BUT NO.
Kept on driving us to the other restaurants that is super quiet and didn't have any people dining there AT ALL. Drove us to 2 some more. Super pissed off. I raised my voice and told him if he don't know how to go, shouldn't agree to fetch us. Instructed him to send us back hotel. Along this street that he was riding, saw the restaurant that I told him about. He still purposely steered away and kept right when it's on the left. Zzz max!!!! I think he knows the way one lor. Just cos he doesn't earn commission when we don't go to the restaurants that he drove us to. Luckily it's only 40B. (He asked for 30B but dad didn't have any change.)
Becareful of this when you're having lunch/dinner.

T.Restaurant Seafood is located at 78/12-16 Rajprarob Road, Rajthevee, Payathai, Bangkok.

Dishes that I've ordered.

1090B is approximately 44 SGD! CHEAP RIGHT!!!
The Thai fish cake (last picture) and the fried rice is the nicest IMO.

Walked back to our hotel and realised the distance actually is walk-able! Not too far away from our hotel.
Went to Issey for massage at 10.30pm with Jayley, while parents headed back to rest.

Walked/shopped around Pratunam night market after our massage ended.
Back in room at 12am.
My only buy for the day: 350B dress sponsored by dad. xD

Bathed in the tub and slept at 1am!

That's all for Day 1~ :D
Hope you guys find this useful if you're thinking of planning a trip to Bangkok! 

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