Saturday, April 07, 2012

2nd week of March


This is how I look like when I'm at home.

And this is how I look like with contacts on.

Was heading out to Queensway Community Centre for the last filming of our scenes for the second season of Dream School.

LOTD: All Black!

Parents drove us all to RWS in hope of seeing BEAST there @ USS.

Didn't get to see them no thanks to those stalker fans hanging at their hotel lobby area, refusing to leave.

Had our lunch at the Malaysia Food Street. Parents order Bak Ku Teh. Not bad!

Some selcas while on our way home.



Parents booked a room @ RWS's Festive Hotel impromptu-ish.

Both Jayley and I decided to head to USS for the day while the adults go to the Casino!

First ride of the day.

Boring ride.

Went on to take all the rides available in USS over and over again. LOL
Especially the roller coasters!
Went on to try the Transformers ride! IT WAS GREAT! The best one among all!

Walked around and took tourist-y photos.
 This castle is somewhat similar to the one I saw in Hongkong's Disneyland.

Jayley braided my hair for me while we were queuing up! Pretty neat huh!

Exited USS and took tourist-y photos of Jayley again.

Head to Feng Shui Inn @ Crockfords Tower for dinner.

After a long day, it's time to pamper my skin with a mask!


Last minute thought of participating the K-POP Star Talent Contest.
The day when I recorded my video at home.

Went to C's uncle's house that night. Lazed around with Jacko.

That's about it for the 2nd week of March.
Hope you guys enjoyed reading this kind of posts about my daily life.


  1. <3<3thx for shring and updating..Enjoy much!!XD

    1. No problem at all. My pleasure! Thanks so much for dropping by! :D



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