Sunday, April 08, 2012

3rd week of March


Breakfast of the day in Malacca - Chee chong fan plus a cup of hot Milo.

A photo with the newly-wed, Kelvin and Ellone.

Diamond Dash-ed on the coach while waiting for it to leave the bus terminal.

Cabbed from Woodlands back home. Offloaded our bags and cabbed down to Pasir Ris Farmway to get BuiBuiWoo.

Whole family missed him so so so dearly!

Our precious lil baby!

Him snuggling up to MuiMui back home. 



Time for a trim! Fumi-san from Nth magazine recommended me Ito-san.
Before hair cut~

Here's Ito-san blow drying my hair. :)

Blow dryed and trimmed my bangs! No idea why my hair look so awfully straight!

Ito-san continued to curl my hair for me.

Viola~ Done with my hair! LOL at the Ito-san's expression in the first photo. XD

More selcas! Love the effect of the curls~

 Headed down to City Square Mall for the rehearsal of the Love Culture contest.

There's me on the stage. xD

And one selcas taken when I got home which I find is quite pretty! LOL BHB *self-proclaimed* :P

A collage of BuiBuiWoo!



The day when I first tried making some Cha-soba!

Boiling it in my Hello Kitty pot. Too bad I can't find a Stitch one. :/

End product! :D

C came over, so I cooked another time for him.

Had some time with BuiBuiWoo. He look so adorable! :D :D :D

He can just stand on C's one palm.

Cute BuiBuiWoo sitting on the bed I got him from Bangkok.
Some more shots of BuiBuiWoo.

He look so 淑女 here luh!

Bathed him after his meal. Super small sized!

Smelling nice~ 

1 more photo of him! :D



Got invited down to Zouk by the people from HTC for the Cleo Bachelor party.

Fancy meeting Hui Ting there! One of the contestants I met from Shokubutsu Top 20 who I can really click with.

And here's Vanessa, in charge of a online fashion magazine, WTF.

Group photo!

Photos with some followers. :)

Next post coming up on my performance for Love Culture! :D
Thanks for reading guys!


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