Sunday, April 01, 2012

Bangkok Day 4

HAPPY 26th Monthsary love!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012 

Quick reads - BBK 2010: Day I, Day II and Day III

Woke up earlier than the rest of the other days! At 12pm cos it's the last day to shop.
Wore the couple tees we bought the night before.

Shopped for the pair of bling Flip Flop for both C's mom and my mom! Got it for 150B.

Walked to Platinum Mall's level 6 to have our brunch.

At their food court.

Though we gotta admit, it was a lil tempting to get in here.

Selcas while waiting for C to buy me food!

I ate this:

While C had this.

It tastes quite meh, so C went to order another dish.

Apparently, this kinda bling collar thingy is super hot over there! Almost every shop sells it! Well needless to say, I got one for myself for 390B. The black one with silver bling. C sponsored me 200B cos I spent all of it the night before.

Decided to walk to Big C. Gosh, it was huge!

Random photo of this mannequin cos I thought it was special!
Love the long slim legs! How I wish I'm her. LOL
Dig those vintage looking boxes too!

Heading opposite!

I love their police's bike! Though they look really bulky.

Time to pray pray!

C hired all 8 dancers for the both of us for 710B.

Bought a coconut to quench our thirst. It was really really hot that day!

Walked all the way back to Platinum Mall.

At 4pm, we walked back to this place named Indra (near our hotel) for some Swensens!

Their glasses are so cute!


Walking back to hotel, ready to check out. Saw this sign. It's actually very convenient for backpackers!

Cabbed to airport! This time it cost 400B.
Checked in our luggage at 6pm.

While waiting........... It's time to take some photos! :P
Best way to kill time!


C managed to break his own Temple Run record while queuing up.

Finally it was our turn!

Friendly ground crew asked C where we got our couple tee. xD
He's a fan of Stitch as well! Even showed me his Stitch handphone cover!

Chilled at Starbucks for quite a while before we board our plane at 8.30pm.

By the time we touch down in Singapore, it was already 11 plus. Went back to C's house to grab some stuffs and he sent me home.

That officially concludes our Bangkok trip! Hope you guys enjoyed reading all these! :D
Do comment if you have got any questions or comments for me!

Thanks for reading!


  1. wow ! you bought so many stuffs ! how much did you spent in total ? you
    make me feel like going to bangkok too ! how much is a ticket to there by airplane ? :O anyway, enjoyed reading your posts !

  2. me too

    frm ruby =) stitches so cutie =)

  3. Hi babe. How much Sing dollars did you change going Bangkok ? And where did you bought your stitch luggage, so cute! Do you know any place that sells stitch luggage ? (:

  4. U sure love stitch mucHH~~and yeah..Really a cutie!haha



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