Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beauty Bistro @ Jurong Point


Pardon me but it was such a good day to camwhore! :D
You may just scroll down if you can't stand seeing my face so much! LOL

4 of my favourite photo of the day:

Love my hair colour when it's under the sun.

So parents sent me to Jurong Point at around 5plus for the Beauty Bistro event as I agreed to be their model for the demonstration.

Photo credits to Beauty Bistro.
Was on the stage throughout until the event was almost over.

Took a photo with 林叶亭老师本尊! 
Can you believe that she's actually 45 years old this year and gave birth to 2 kids already?!
Plus she's super photogenic luh! Don't you agree?

Check this video out for more tips on how to slim your face down! :D


  1. ya;;agree i watched nu ren..and think she looks gd at her age..and really love her japanese

    1. Yes, I know right! Frankly, I was like looking at her nose most of the time! :P

  2. Where did you bought your top from? :D



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