Friday, April 27, 2012

Bestie's 22nd Birthday Celebration


Spent some time playing and rubbing Bui Bui's tummy before preparing to meet the besties up at night.

:( face cos I was alone waiting for Ah Toon to get done.

Had a chance to buy a scoop of 猫山王 from Udders! Taste like heaven. Oh, how I love durian!
Though I still think 5.30 bucks for a scoop is still a lil pricey! xD

Some selcas while waiting.

Darryl came together with Jayley and was nice to drop us off at Timbre Substation to meet up with Nat.
Thought we were late but she weren't there yet when we reached.
Apparently Timbre is doing super well cos we had to queue for more than half an hour to get a place for 10 people (including her friends).

Finally got a place to sit down.


This pizza is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo delicious!

SMSed in and sent a song dedication for bestie!

Did this with some sprinkled cheese.

Dear Nat was drunk after drinking half a shot of Barcadi. Was watching the performance and suddenly she kept on tearing. *Heartpain* She was like me, never ever got drunk before and there goes the first time. XD
Well, it's her birthday! Poor girl kept on apologising to us!

She didn't even have the strength to finish blowing all the candles on her Red Velvet cupcakes!
Qingyuan had to help her. xD

Escorted her back to her hotel room @ Fairmount and stayed for a while before we left.
Jayley went to Zouk while Alton and I walked to Rochor to chill.
Satisfied my craving of beancurd. :)
Cabbed back home at around 3 plus 4 am.

Thanks for dropping by my blog y'all! xoxo

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