Sunday, April 15, 2012

Braces & BuiBuiWoo


Photos of BuiBuiWoo taken at wee hours.
#1 - *yawns*

#2 - *stretch back* SO CUTE!!! ZOMG

#3 - 'Yes mommy?'

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ He's just too cute. Buay tahan. LOL

Went to Jurong Point for my braces appointment in the afternoon.
Always purple, so this time it's gonna be red!

Went on Twitter and saw Jayley instagramming photos of BuiBuiWoo. Can't help but to save them all. :P
#4 - 'Ain't I cute?'

#5 - 'Please continue to pet me!'



Had dinner with C and his parents at this nearby coffee shop.

Didn't snap any photos of any food cos I didn't order.

He sent me home and I took even more photos of BuiBui!
#6 - 'Mommy, why are you still taking photo of me??'

#7 - *Tilts head*

#8 - 'I'm getting a lil tired from all these photo taking....'

#9 - 'Let me lie down for a while....'

#10 - *Blinks*

#11 - 'Why am I here?! How did I get here?!'

#12 - 'I'm so sleepy........'

#13 - 'Let me close my eyes for a while...... Will ya?'

#14 - 'Zzzz....'

Which is your favourite photo of BuiBuiWoo?
Mine is #5 & #7! :D


  1. babe, how much u did for your braces ?

  2. the #5 photo is really CUTE! Anw,did you & your sis bring buibui to see a doctor? Buibui eyes is really swollen and that's not often seem/not alright.

    1. :D
      Read my latest blog post and you will know! Well, it's not really swollen. It's just his skin and the 'white eyeliner' that he have. The vet didn't mention anything about his eyes so I guess it's fine. :)

  3. buibui really is cute! :D Btw i've heard before that having just the narrow steel slots in for the flooring without lining it can really damage a doggy's feet! Im not criticizing or anything, just giving some friendly advice! :)

    1. Narrow steel slots? Do you know where I will be able to get it? :)
      Sure sure, no problem! I would love having people sharing more tips about taking care of a puppy! After all, I'm still a newbie in this area. XD

    2. Im always happy to help, especially when it comes to dogs xD What i meant by 'narrow steel slots' are the steel lines that buibui steps on at the floor of the cage. If she spends a long time in her cage when you're out, and she stays there alot of the time, it would be better to train her as fast as possible to pee/poop on newspaper that could be placed inside the cage rather than underneath it. I've learnt from experience with my own dogs that the steel lines can 'splay' their feet which means they become more separated and loose. I can't find any reliable sources on google about this, but it was recommended by my veterinarian! And even better, if you can get a doggy play pen instead of a cage without the flooring, it would be much nicer for you and for buibui! something like this i think:,r:3,s:26,i:134

      Sorry for the long post, but i hope it helps you! x)

    3. Haha, I see! Now I get it! I've tried training BuiBui, he always seem to be ignoring me all the time! Don't even response to me when I calls his name. :/ Shall find some time and go hunt for the pen. Thank you so much! :D

    4. No problem :) i'll keep reading your blog and keep supporting you and buibui! x)

    5. Thank you for being so helpful and sweet! :)

  4. hi hayley, i have experience in taking small puppy and dog, m animal lover too, it is not advisable to keep the puppy in the cage, let it walk by its own more freely, and good exercise for his leg too, dog love to be in open space.. to train the puppy where to poo and pee at the newspaper, firstly the newspaper must have his urine smell.. try to bring him there and let him smell on it and tell him (dog will know what you are talking), after few weeks he will know where is the place.....i got a good vet to intro you too, my dog have bacterial infection few mths frequent vet...."Animal Recovery" at 288 balestier road. hopefully this info do help.

    1. I see! Noted, will let him roam freely now and try to train him! Gotta admit I'm kinda an impatient person! Hahaha~ Thank you for sharing your tips. :)
      Balestier road! Kinda out of the way for me but near my boyfriend's house. Noted! Thanks!



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