Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dip Drops


I know I know, I'm super 自恋! :P

Favourite photo of the day! :D

If someone were to ask me where is the best place to camwhore, my answer would be while you're in the car. Best way to kill time!

Arrived at the hair salon for hair and makeup. 
Coincidentally, it's the same salon where I trimmed my hair!

.... And after hair and change of clothes!

While waiting for my turn to makeup, snapped some photos!
Misa-chan on the left and Natalie on the right.

That's Ito-san doing Sharlene babe's pink hair!

Pei Ting and Natalie on the top photo. Misa-chan and Kiyomi~

Man in-charge, Haruyuki-san with his assistance.

Finally done with my makeup after much waiting!

Cabbed down with a few other girls to Takashimaya's level 3 when we were done.

Selcas while waiting for all the girls to arrive.

With the girls~

After that, we down to the basement to grab some food. Had a bowl of mango sago~
3 more selcas before we start to work!

1 last group photo! :D
Madelyn, Hayley, Natalie, Shi Jia, Pei Ting, Kiyomi, Joyce and Sharlene~

Spotted Fumi-san while she was walking down the street with her family! She was the one who recommended us all to work for this event~

Another photo with the Maybelline roamers.

Had a few breaks in between. Ate Pon Tian wanton mee for lunch. C came visit during my break too!
Taking a break~

I almost couldn't feel my feet after walking to and fro the whole stretch of Orchard Road, distributing tissue paper with Dip Drops details printed on them.
Check out these nasty blisters. Very disgusting I know.
The results of walking in a new pair of heels for the whole day. :'(

Selcas with the girl who I can click really well! Meet Joyce! She's of the same age as me.

I can click with Sharlene as well! Had loadsa common topics. :)

After work, C came to pick me up. Went for dinner at PS' Ichiban Sushi though I wasn't exactly hungry.

Was super super tired after the whole day of working.
Really gotta thank C for coming to pick me up even though he was busy with visiting his grandma in the hospital. :)
Thank you boy! 

And thanks for reading y'all!



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