Friday, April 13, 2012

Kotex; Rise Up Against Compromise


Drove down to Alexandra Road to attend Kotex's event.
Was a lil lost at first, GPS led us to a wrong destination. :/

Was too lazy to put on makeup that day. :P

The bite-sized food there were delicious man!

 Event commenced at around 7pm.

After the introduction, there were a demonstration of 合气道!

Our turn to try out the defense tactics that we have just saw.

LOL at Jayley's expression. *In pain*

Presentation continues...
 Most women can't focus when they are having their periods cos they are worried that they will stain their clothing!

So what's the event about?
It's about Kotex coming up with a total new technology named:

Available in 3 different lengths for the Luxe Ultrathin and 1 for the Soft & Smooth Overnight.

They invited Ms Ong out to explain to us how they invented the technology.

Also invited Miss Tan to be the brand ambassador of Kotex~


Group photo with the people sitting at our table.

With Jacelyn babe.

Had a small chat with the web designer of their FB campaign.

SJQ took a whole bunch of Helium balloon from the organizers and store them at the back of our car.

“ 我的妈啊~我要被风吹走了!”

Drove to Bugis in hunt for my happy food; Gaoluck. But.... To no avail. :(
Head down to Cineleisure to hang out with Ah toon. Unfortunately, my favourite pair of sandal wedge that I've got from Hong Kong, snapped. :'(

Bought this pair of pumps for 40bucks at Cine.

Chilled and hang out~ I was in the middle of this photo, emo-ing cos I couldn't stay at C's house. XD

End of the day~

Thanks for dropping by guys!
So girls, will you rise up against the compromise?


  1. Babe, did u rebond your hair or ur hair is naturally straight?

  2. Your top is very nice! Where you bought it? :)

    1. :)



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