Wednesday, May 09, 2012

1st Family Trip - Bangkok Day 3

Quick reads - 
BBK 2010: Day IDay II and Day III
BBK 2012: Day IDay IIDay IIIDay IV
(Singapore timing)


Buffet breakfast at Baiyoke Sky level 78.

Jayley's share.



And Dad's!

Some selcas.

With the twin.

The view from my side.

After breakfast, went to take the lift down but saw this tourist-y scene. So parents decided to take some photos. Dad's expression were all so priceless man! xD

My cute family. Loves!

Can't help but LOL whenever I see this photo! xD

My goofy-joker sister.

*Acting cute*

Wanted to take this lift all the way down! Unfortuntately, it wasn't operating! :(

Cabbed down to Chatuchak for some shopping at approximately 11am. Cab fare was 95B.

The weather was so hot there. You could just keep on sweating just but standing there even under the shades. 40B Mocha frapp tastes so good.

Gotta love the pet section man!

Cute Pomeranians!

They are so tiny!

Cabbed back to somewhere near Platinum Mall at around 1pm plus. Family couldn't stand the hot weather.. lol

We love Yakult!

Walked around Platinum's new section and saw this weighing machine......

The new side have got like specific stuffs that they sell on each different levels.

Walked over to Pantip Plaza for some A&W.

Back to Grand Diamond Plaza for more shopping! We all bought a few pairs of shoes altogether from this shop.

More shoppings done at Platinum before we head for our dinner at T. Restaurant.

LOL-ed when I saw the Chinese words on the lamp post.

Selcas while waiting for the food to come.

Buys for the day.
Nautical swim suit from Chatuchak - 300B
Bui Bui's top - 200B
Shorts from the roadside - 100B each
Heels from the Grand Diamond Plaza - 750B

Mom accompanied me to change the sizes of the shorts before returning to the hotel for a quick shower.

9pm, headed out to the massage place to look for Jayley and Dad.
Mask time at 11.30pm after packing!
Played with the games on my phone till 3am... LOL

That's all~ Keep your eyes peeled for the last day!
Thanks for dropping by!


  1. hello hayley

    is there any apparel selling at Ratchada Night Bazaar. and where is the best recommended night market in bangkok? and the best recommended place to shop for apparel

    1. Yes of course there is! Well, I personally like Ratchada and Sa Phan Phut. :)

  2. Is Grand Diamond Plaza next to Chatuchak? And where is Ratchada and Sa Phan Phut? Near where?

    1. Nope, Grand Diamond is next to Platinum in Pratunam. Well, you can google all these information. :)

  3. Thanks Hayley=)

    So does ratchada only open on saturday?



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