Sunday, May 13, 2012

1st Family Trip - Bangkok Day 4 (Last Day)

Quick reads - 
BBK 2010: Day IDay II and Day III
BBK 2012: Day IDay IIDay IIIDay IV
(Singapore timing)


Woke up at around 12pm. Showered and some last minute packing before we head out for brunch @ Platinum Mall again. XD

Favourite sticky rice~ Zomg, missing it so much now as I'm typing this!

Totally just ate back the same stuffs as we did the previous days.

Joined Dad and we ate the duck kway tiao soup.

Bought this Panarai aroma thingy from one of the shops on level 6. Now our room reek of Sakura (750B)! :D
Spent all my remaining money there after a few rounds of walking around the mall.
Back at hotel at around 3pm. Waited for the cab to come pick us up to the airport.

Some selcas~

Checking in our luggage. You can clearly see whose luggage weighs the most.

All of our passports!

Walked to the boarding area and waited there.

Love this gigantic air-conditioner!

Our gate.


Poor guy sleeping at the seat where the sun is shining most.

Snapped a few picture of this Caucasian eyecandy we saw that day. Find him resembling Captain America just a tiny weeny bit. xD

Finally! Time to board the plane!

Last photo of him! LOL

Love the clouds.

The skies turned purple/pinkish all of the sudden!

Ordered this while on the plane. LOL at the following photos...

Home Sweet Home.

Miss Bui Bui so much!

That's all for this trip with my family!
Hopefully we will get to travel to other countries in the near future soon! :D
Thank you for reading.



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