Friday, May 18, 2012

1st Week of May

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Monthsary dinner~

@ Strictly Pancakes.

Both of our first time there and we ordered the Druggie.
Looks damn good right? I know. ;)

C wasn't satisfied after that and we head to Aroy Dee for more food.

My favourite Thai dish ever.

As we were waiting for time to pass for our movie to get started, C went to have his haircut at Mazu.
Watched Avengers! So funny!

Some dim sums for supper.

P.S. Now y'all know why I'm gaining weight....


The best economic beehoon ever @ Pek Kio Hawker Center.

Random selcas.

My cutie pie~ :D

Was in a secret boot camp from the 4th till 6th. :PLearnt a lot of stuffs from there. Super glad and honored I was part of it.

So that's about it for my first week of this month!
2nd week coming up next!



  1. The dessert looks soOOo yummy..and u r sooo skinny..166cm and 47kg?Way too skinny..u nv gain weight ba..haha..anyway.Enjoy ur day!

    1. Haha IKR! :D
      Well, I'm actually 167cm and 45~47kg. Did! Used to be 44kg before I met C. He made me gained weight! :(

  2. The food looks cool and Yummy. By the way, I love all the photos very much. Enjoy your day and I will continue reading your blog.



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