Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2nd Week of May


While on my way to Teo Hong Road for a Japanese hair show as a hair model! Seriously love working with Japanese!

Some selcas taken at home and.....

.... on the car.

Before cutting....

@ the event.

After cutting:

And after curling...

Another model's turn to get her hair cut.

Group photo with Nicole (another model) and Taichiro Sugano (stylist from Acqua).

Candid shot with them plus Kazuaki Ito, Acqua's GM.

Dropped by C's house and bought him some famous awesome Tanjong Rhu mini-buns along Novena there!
Later in the evening, dropped by United Square and spotted my favourite - Popiah Gong Tang (which is super hard to find)! :D

C got a few rows of Yakult from Korea. Their bottles are so much smaller and cuter! xD

C and I shared this Happy Call present for my mom as Mother's Day gift. :)

Dinner/supper @ Kallang's KFC with C and his family.


Went to test key early in the morning @ Scape.
Hung around Old Town for a while till C came to fetch me.

Brought Bui Bui to see a vet for the 3rd time but at a clinic nearer to my house.

Poor thing have been balding lately! Makes him look so skinny and frail. :(

Mommy's epic face when Bui Bui keep refusing to go back into his bag.

Met some of the people later at night @ Switch by Timbre - a place I've never been to!


Roasted duck pizza is like the nicest pizza I've ever tried! xD

Pictures! :D
X, Kelvin and Stuart.

Cheers~ (Orange juice there cost $8! Super O_O)

Went to Liang Court's Partyworld after that to sing and chill.

With Julie and X.

Loving my curls and makeup for that night!

From L to R:
Kelvin, Jiaqing, Julie, X, Stuart, Daren.
Been a while since I went to KTV to sing. Felt so great and awesome each time after the singing session!
That night was especially fun! xD Let's do it again sometime soon!


Random photo of me with no contact lens and makeup except for the-super-hard-to-remove-waterproof-mascaraed-lashes.

Cutie pie resting beside Ah Mui Mui.

I gotta admit that he's still effing cute even though his fur is not as thick as before!

Napping on the couch beside me.


Went to United Square for the 2nd time in that week as I was craving for some Katong Laksa.
And here's the stall I've been looking for since last year! O_O
My popiah gong tang!

Dinner @ Novena's famous chicken rice place with C and his parents (advance Mother's Day dinner) and some beancurd after that.


Selca while waiting for pre-imaging in the morning.

An artsy shot by Yee Wei.

Ate at Canton Paradise in celebration of Mother's Day @ JCube with Mom and Jayley.

A photo of my angel lying on the floor before I head to sleep. xD

Well, now it's time for me to sleep too! Hope you enjoyed reading my posts.
Goodnight to you and may your tomorrow rocks!


  1. wow,the curl looks gr8!suit u well

  2. Love the artsy picture

  3. Heys,

    Just wondering how you all manage to bring back yakult? In luggage or hand carry?? I wanted to bring some back last time but was worried it would spoil without refrigeration.


    1. I think C stored it in his cabin bag. :)

  4. What lipstick/gloss do you use? Your lip colour is so pretty!!

    1. Actually it's my natural lip colour and a clear gloss. :P



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