Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3rd Week of May


The day where JUMP! premieres on Channel U!
Thus dongsaeng came over to give Jayley and surprise.
Jayley shrieked the moment she walked into the room and saw him. LOL

Watched JUMP! together in the living room.
The weird feeling you get when you see someone so close to you on the Teevee!
We kept commenting about her while watching. :P
Ordered Pizza Hut~

Sleepy Bui Bui falling asleep in my arms.

Been a while since I last mask-ed. xD

  ♛    ♛    


Life's pretty mundane.
You should have seen this picture before if you're following me on Instagram (@hayleystitch) and Twitter! :D
Taken while waiting for my bus at the interchange.

Random photo of cutie pie sleeping on the floor rather than on his bed. xD

 ♛    ♛    


Dating day with C. Went to Suntec's Ichiban Boshi for brunch at about 1plus.
(Yes, you may see 1 or 2 plates repeating themselves. That's because we took 2 of each kind. :/).

Selcas time! :D

With C.

Went to shop for some ingredients at Carrefour cos C 心血来潮, wanted to cook for his family at night usimg the Happy Call pan he brought from Korea. LOL
Here are the dishes!
Erm........ Not very appealing but the taste was AL....right la. xD Just a bit salty.
Honey glazed wings and the mushroom were the best! :D

Random photo of Bui Bui..........

... and a photo C took - A HELLO KITTY AIRPLANE!!!!

  ♛    ♛    

#foodporn coming up.... for the next few days!
Brunch @ Pek Kio Hawker - Kway Chap and duck!

My dinner for the night - Ah Balling from Golden Mile Hawker. Super love the peanut and sesame fillings!

Went to Mustafa at around 1am cos the brothers wanted to buy somethings. C was hungry and craving prata. He successful tempted me and Jiaxi to have a prata each. ZOMG, sinful much.. :'(
I've got a belly now believe it or not. (T_T)

That's all for that week! :D
Thanks for dropping by.



  1. it's Bui Bui better?

    1. Health wise yes! He isn't coughing and sneezing as much as compared to the previous times. Appearances wise, still having balding symptoms. :/

  2. I love the photos. You really put in a lot of effort in doing the blog post. You are awesome.

  3. buibui looks like its losing alot of fur, is she sick? :(
    love the food pics though!

    1. I think it's kinda in his genes, as according to the vet. Perhaps he wasn't born from a good breed. :(


  4. i guess it buibui's shedding season?

  5. Some breeds have a seasonal shedding season in the spring, as their winter coats are lost. But if your dog is an indoor dog it may not be outside enough for its body to register the change of season, so he may shed all year round. Today dogs are bred mostly as companions and some breeds are not meant to live outdoors, so do not start leaving your dog outside all day long in hopes of stopping the shedding. Longhaired dogs may appear to shed more, but it is really just the length of their hair that gives that illusion.

    What can you do to reduce shedding?

    Some dogs shed a lot. What can you do to help get the hair loss under control? Grooming is the key. Keep in mind that the hair is going to fall out either way and it is best to remove it yourself and throw it in the trash then to let the hair fall out naturally all over your house. The more hair YOU remove the less you will see it all over your house. Brushing your dog once a day will greatly reduce the unwanted hair all over your clothes, carpet and furniture, especially during shedding season.

    There are products that can help you remove all the dead hair in a few grooming sessions, leaving less hair to fall out inside your house. During the shedding season, if you do not remove the shedding winter coat, you will most likely see it falling all out all over your house for about a period of a month or so.

    There are physical problems that can cause large, abnormal amounts of shedding such as ringworm, skin infections, stress, mange and cancer. It is not normal for your dog’s coat to thin as the dog gets older. If your dog's hair loss is abnormal you will see bald spots. If you see bald spots or you think your dog is shedding abnormally, take your dog to the vet.

    1. Thank you for your advise. A great news is that Bui Bui is growing some new fur back!

    2. great! haha so most probably shedding season. Last time my dog also shed fur at a certain period of time

  6. Hey dearest hayley, ur selca looksnice... What happened to bui bui

    1. Hi there! Thanks. xD
      Well, I think he is going through his shedding period.

  7. Replies
    1. Got it trimmed when I was a hair model for this Japanese hair seminar.

  8. hi dear :) just an advice: you should try to make your brows more curved as you kinda have a squarish forehead. your brows now (in the pictures above) only further amplify your forehead.
    I also think it was a good thing that you cut bangs as you have a high forehead and your bangs can help to make it seem lower.
    you're really pretty btw! I like your big eyes :D

    1. Haha, IKR. I used to hate my high forehead! But it's alright for me now. As for my brows, I don't like arched ones. Thanks for your advise but I'm liking how I do my brows. :P
      Hee, thank you. It's the contact lens.

  9. sorry, i meant this photo!
    wrong post.. been reading your blog too much LOL :$

    1. Heeee! I see. Thank you for dropping by! :D

  10. CX even fly wif my ger a few times... they are consider fren, i would say..

    1. Haha err okays! What's your GF's name?



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