Saturday, April 28, 2012

Eventful day!


Camwhore is a must whenever you have good hair and makeup day! :D
2 of my favorite photos of the day!
Seriously, I can just snap photos of myself ANYWHERE man!
Camwhore at the bus-stop!

This one also not bad! :P

Braces! Taking them off soon for future opportunities! Seems quite straight already right?

My current FB page display picture!

Loving my side profile photos! xD Especially when I look downwards! Can see my lashes! Muahahaha~

After attending a casting at The Central. Really like their working environment!

MRT-ed down straight to my 2nd Korean class and was a lil late. :/
Went for an IPL session and ate at JCube's Canton Paradise (again!) with Jayley.

Plain congee, 小龙包 and fried mee (too dry in our opinion).

Camwhore while sitting down. :P

Impromtu bowling games @ Chevrons with Jayley and Mae, who came to find us all the way from town! xD
Mae is like a pro please. She said she even have her own shoes and ball.

Didn't manage to snap a proper one cos this stupid thingy blocking our scores. :/

And unfortunately, my thumb nail waws scarified in the process. T_T

Back home to feed BuiBui and Mae gave him a lil bit of training! xD

Ain't he like the cutest dog EVER! *bias max* :P

Random photo of the Victoria Secrets products that I currently own.

Thanks ah C, for sending me this. LOL

Thanks for reading y'all! :D


  1. pretty pics..the side pic i like the 1st 1 better..looks dolly~ha

  2. Hey Hayley! where u took ur korean classes from?How much per month? :)



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