Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Flea @ City Square Mall


Thanks to Adrenalin Events for giving me a chance to have a booth to sell my stuffs!

Jayley have her own booth too but too bad she can't make it last minutely.

With the kitty specs that I was selling!

My neighbours - Crystal and Chrishirl. First time meeting them in real!

Some of the accessories I sells.

Camwhored with all the kitty specs before I sold them. MUAHAHAHA!

Shout out to this two girls who came to support me early in the morning! :D

My stitchies named Zhi Qing. Camera-shy huh!

Tied my hair up in a bun~ Looks good with the specs!

Need to thank Jiaxi for dropping by and helping me mend the booth and as a salesman! :D :D :D

Him being a narcissist too. :P

Earned approximately 280bucks at the end of the day.
Jiaxi came at the last hour for me cos I had to go pray pray with family and guess what????
He actually sold 60bucks worth of items WITHIN AN HOUR! O_O'''

Loving my lashes! :D

┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ 


A good day (equivalent to good hair day & good makeup day) to camwhore!

A set of my favourite photos! :D

Pardon me for the excessive selcas. :P

#4 - Hmmmm......


#6 - Pretty nails and my bling Mickey ring that I got from Hong Kong Disneyland.

#7 - Hair fly fly~

#8 - Smile smile! :)

#9 - That's rubber bands in my mouth/braces + goofy faces + lash photo.

#10 - Taken from a low angle.

#11 - Creepy large eye effect. I took these just by opening my eyes big big! No editing at all!

#12 - Another favourite photo of the day!

Alrights, moving on....
Very thankful that Jiaxi came over once again.
Even bought these for us! :D

My lunch - Curry Katsu rice.

Rochor beancurd...

Plus the famous muffins from Sunshine Plaza. :D
Honto ni arigatou ne Jiaxi! :D

Photos with my neighbours..


And Mint!

 Back home with cutie pie~

End of day, earned about 280 plus bucks too! Similar to the previous day!
Hope I'll be having another lobang for flea soon! Still got two big bags to clear before I buy new clothings! :P

Thanks for reading and dropping by!


  1. Hi Hayley!
    What things do you still have from the flea?? :)

    1. Many many things! So much I'm too lazy to take photos of all. XD

  2. What camera are you using? :)



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