Monday, May 14, 2012

Last Week of April


Gave Bui Bui a bath.

Took the metal stepping as adviced by my lovely readers for dear Bui Bui. :D
Cutie pie sleeping on Jiaxi's hand when he came over to visit at night.

Monthsaries gift from C.

Haven't got a chance to bring it out yet. So scared that it will get dirty easily man!

Particularly love this.

A jacket tad small in my opinion. xD But I super love the material!


Pretty nails day @ Envy! :D

46 Peck Seah Street
Singapore 079316
Telephone: 6736 1220 / 6221 1220

Brought cutie pie along with me as there's nobody at home.

He was actually licking me in the middle photo. LOL

I'm sure he slept for a good 3 hours there on my lap!

Here are a series of my favourite photos I've taken that day! :D

Did classic manicure and pedicure that day.
Here's Aini's new assistant, Lynda from Vietnam.

Glitter toenails. :D

My base nails before some decorations.

End-product! :D

Being kind and considerate, Aini made me a cup of Nescafe Dolce Gusto Cappuccino and gave me this biscuit to eat. I don't know if it's me just being super hungry or what, but this biscuit is like da bomb man! SUPER DELICIOUS!!!! Goes extremely well with coffee. Gonna hunt this down and buy a few packets home!

Group photo! :D They are so so so friendly!

After my nails appointment, drove down to collect my cheque from Barnett.

Drove down again to Novena's BK to meet Jayley and Alton for a short while.

Time to head home~

My sweet sweet cutie pie~ :D


"It's always nice to start off the day with a couple of pictures of yourself", says Hayley Woo. LOL

On my way to the post office to send out the item that some of you lovely readers have bought from me! :D

Loving my bling bling toenails! :D

Okays from now onward, Imma be spamming photos of my cutie pie. Scroll down faster if you don't want to see them k? 

He loves tummy rubs while nua-ing on his bed!


Time for a nap!

Nua-ing on the floor.


Same pose as him. xD

Went to meet one the closest friend from the Shokubutsu competition, Hui Ting @ PS's Cafe Cartel at night.
We chatted for like 2-3 hours there man! Updating each other of the gossips. :P
Here's pretty her!

And her friend, Jacqueline.

Love her camera cos got beauty mode. xD

Nice meeting you girls up!

C came later at night. Didn't even know that he was coming. xD

Group photos!

Mae was there too!

The Twin.


C bought me the pink foldable water bottle from his Malacca trip and got him to help me buy the Crest white strips from the states. :D
Can't wait to whiten my teeth after my braces are off next month.

Prepared and time to head out to Sentosa with C.

First time on the cable car in Singapore, thanks to C buying this voucher from those sites.

Overpriced and normal local food @ Sentosa.

My favourite goofy dude.

Random photo I cop-ed from Freda's Instagram.

Later at night, Jayley and I were invited to Clara's wedding.
Were a lil late cos we went to the wrong hotel. >_<

Super embarassing. Luckily we reached before the newlyweds walked into the ballroom! 

Food of the night.

Time for some narcissism! :P
Look for the Day (LOTD).

With twin.

And Silver (our look-alike sister).

Super cute door gift - jumbo size pen.

Sara and Nira sitting at the next table.

We have Nadia, Esther, Jacelyn and Silver at our table.

With the newlywed. :D

And Esther camwhoring with my camera. Lol.

Trixy babe sitting on the other table! Love her Ombre hair! Seems like pink is a hot colour!

With my secondary school senior, Sara. :D

Plus EK and Lorraine from Skin79.

After the wedding, got a shot with the beautiful bride! :D

Girls bring the boys out! :P

Oh OH OH!!!! Before I forget, my favourite dish of the night was the dessert! 
The epic thing was that the people sitting at our table, a few of us was like fighting for the Tang Yuans. LOL (Okays, maybe it's just me, Jayley and Mint.)
Goodness, looking at the sesame makes me craving for it again!

Had a long night that day.......
P.S. Never do/say things in the heat of the moment.

Decided to split 29th and 30th April post cos this post is already too long! xD
New posts coming out tomorrow!
Keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for dropping by anyways!
Hope you have enjoyed reading this kind of long long post.... 


  1. What brand and colour of contact lens are you wearing during the wedding dinner?

  2. Mind telling me? :)

  3. Where did you cut your fringe at?

  4. Omo..Buibui n u are both too cute..haha..N the foods look delicious.

  5. hello (: I googled this post because I remember you blogging about this before. Im just wondering, does the crest white strip really works? thank you & stay pretty!! ^^



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