Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sato Hakubi

I'm sure you guys should have heard about this brand named Sato from various bloggers and on Facebook!
They have got a winner for this year!

The Hakubi Photo Contest have garnered over 500 entries which you can view it here.
10 lucky consumers have also won an iPad2 each for buying over $30 worth of products.
Some background information on Sato Pharmaceutical:
They caters a wide range of fairness and skincare products originated from Japan.
The products are suitable for females aged between 20 to 35 years old.
If you yearn to have healthy and fair skin, Sato is the one for you!
It's available in Singapore's Watsons and other pharmacies.

Here's what I've received from them. Ain't their plastic bag cute? XD

Hakubi B! :D

If you yearn to have baby-smooth skin, why not try this out?

Another product I've received from them is this:

The Hakubi White C Drink!
Contains Vitamin C (helps to prevent spots, freckles and pigmentation caused by sunburn, also enriches Vitamine E's anti-oxidant effect) and E (anti-oxidant and anti-aging benefits) which aids absorbing nutrients quicker for perfect smooth and white skin!

So in conclusion, if you always wanna be fair and have that baby smooth skin, do give Sato Hakubi products a shot! And if you had tried them out, do leave me a comment and share your thoughts about it! :D

Thanks for reading!



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