Monday, June 25, 2012

2nd Week of June


Just another day for a dance rehearsal.
@ Goodman Arts Centre.


Supper with Jayley and C @ 126 Dim Sum - So so sponge cake.

I love this drink!

The food that we ordered (for Jayley and I).

Had a durian after that. *Shiokanization*

~ * ~ * ~


Selcas for the day.

Went to Scape together with Jayley to check the #NPNF2012 walk-in auditions out.

Met up with C at night to celebrate her mom's birthday at a restaurant @ Harbour front.
Nice Laksa!

Zomg, I super love this! You should have seen it if you followed me on Instagram (Hayleystitch). :D

Some arcade fun: Basketball.
My score:

C's lousy score.


2nd round! This time uncle decided to join the fun. xD

Not too bad.... :)

Power shit (Y)!

Haha, who else like this game!

Uncle and aunty getting interested after seeing us play.

Random lights shining from MBS.

That was all for that weekend! :D

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