Sunday, June 03, 2012

4th week of May


Cutie pie looking tired..

Lunch at Katong's famous 328 Laksa. 

Nasi Lemak and Otah!

Went to Teo Heng and sang for 2 hours before heading down to takeaway 8 boxes of beancurd.
Check out the queue man. Poor Boy Soya Bean...

Their staff restocking the beancurd.

Went Bugis 四马路 to pray pray cos that day was 初一!Dinner with C and his parents @ V8 at around 7.30pm.

Then he sent me home just in time to watch Jayley's drama at 9pm.

  ♛    ♛    

It was the day for Bui Bui to visit his vet!

Getting leashed up!

Unfortunately, he was unwilling to move once the leash was on his neck. :/
Not even when he tried to tug or drag him a lil bit. Any suggestions guys? 

Love how cute Bui Bui look in the first picture. xD

Went to Jurong East for my Korean class before heading home for some home-cooked food!
Super love the eggplant my mom cooks! It's like the best dish ever! :D
(No veggies here cos C doesn't eat any.)
Spot my Stitch plate. xD

  ♛    ♛    24052012

Selcas to start the day off. 
Went for my last braces appointment before I take them off next month!

Off to Mediacorp's wardrobe for a fitting.
(So glad that they didn't choose the first piece! Too low for me. xD No figure somemore.)

That was also when I met Utt and he Instagram-ed a photo of me and him. xD

Outfit of the day (OOTD):

Drove down to Cineleisure to meet up with Jayley who was waiting for me level 4.

Stupid me went to buy a cup of Frolick before I went up. Had to finish outside before going in for some sushi.

Sushi(s) that Jayley ordered - our usuals. Mentai is like a must.

Met up with C after that for a proper dinner.
He brought me to a place where I haven't been to!
Tao's restaurant @ PoMo (1 Selegie Road) #B1-19.

It was a 7 course set meal. So you're suppose to order 1 each under each category.

Random selca while waiting for the food to come.

3 pieces of toasted bread and....

... Bacon and mushroom Gratin.

C chose Prawn roll with pork floss as his Salad.

Mine was the Japanese cold noodles - which kinda sucks. I thought was Cha-soba man. :(

Next up, Soup.
Grilled King Oyster Mushroom and Sorbet. (Sorry for the blurry photo.)

Mine was Cream of Pumpkin! Super yummy!

And C's Japanese fish Consommé - which just tasted like ordinary Miso soup.

Beverages were served first before the main course.
I went for Iced Summer Peach tea which C chose Ice Rose Apple tea.
The apple tea was pretty nice and subtle. But if you like something strong, go for the peach tea.

Forgotten what's it's named. But there's a bit of sour plum in this shot.

Up next, the Main Entrees!
Slow-cooked Pork Back Ribs - SUPER DUPER TASTY I TELL YOU
But at the same time, also super fattening. Oh wells.... :/

Pan-Seared Duck Breast.

It was pretty hard for me to chew cos of the new tightening of my braces. :/

Lastly, our Desserts.
Crémé Brule for me.

And Tiramisu for him.
I would go back again for more! Overall, the food is pretty good. Service wise, not bad too. You will see this particular Chinese guy who would keep coming to clear your table after each dish, with a big smiley on his face. :)

Went to catch MIB 3 at Cathay after our dinner. 

Random snapshot of someone using C's photo on Twitter. Natalie discovered it.

Headed down to substation to chill for a while as the night was still young.
C ordered Ice-blended Mango Margarita for me and Gin Tonic for himself.
As much as I dislike drinking alcohol, I pretty much like the taste of Gin Tonic! xD

And also 1 shot of Tequila each. Gosh, the last time I remember Natalie drank this on her birthday and she kept on tearing. I was pretty horrified after seeing her that way, thus having to try this was kinda like a big step for me. LOL
But it turns out to be fine.
Once you gulp in down, there's this really strong gas-iness gushing up to your nose area, making you feel really *ugh*.
However, if you suck on the lemon slice right after that, the feeling will fade away quickly and you won't feel the giddiness.

Bill for the alcohols.

  ♛    ♛    25052012

Good morning!

Breakfast for the day:

2 Scrambled eggs + Orange juice + cookies! :D

Dinner with his parents and him @ Suntec's:

The food that they ordered.

My dinner - on diet (+ a lil bit of the crackers):
2 scoops of Indian veggies! Super nice man.

Went back home after that and painted DIY-ed my nails!
I normally just clean it up after it's completely dry in the shower with hot water. Super easy! And don't have to use any cottons at all.

Random photo of my super sleepy cutie pie.

Realized that one of his soles is turning black!

Okays, Imma stop right here and do another post up next! :D
Been really busy thus the lack of updates! However, I hope you guys will enjoy this kinda of posts I do for now. xD

Thank you for reading!


  1. I wish you and buibui best of luck with his treatment at the vets! I also wish i could give you more advice, but all i can say now is to see what happens and let BuiBui slowly recover his fur and his energy :(

    1. Yeah! The great news is that he's starting to grow back some fur! The coat is starting to change colour too! A lil brownish than before. :D :D :D

    2. naww i hope his fur goes back to all thick and fluffffyyyyy!!
      ahaha :P

  2. I wish you and BuiBui best of luck with his treatment at the vets. I love reading your blog post full of pictures and words. I hope BuiBui will slowly recover his fur and I hope that his fur will become fluffy one day. Anyway, You are awesome.

    1. Haha! Thank you Celine. :)
      I hope the same for Bui Bui too!

    2. No Problem :) I will pray for BuiBui everyday.

  3. hi, you may want to change to body leash for buibui? maybe he doesn't like the neck leash and also not use to it. then can put a small bell on the leash then can train him to know that when you take out the leash means you bringing him out?

    1. Hmm... I'm currently letting him get use to his neck leash for the time being. We will see how it goes! Anyways, thanks for the advise! :)

  4. Oh finally new post.xd n ur gg on diet..u r so skinny alrd..but anyway well too.

    1. Haha, not skinny enough IMO! Will tryna update as often as possible!

  5. your buibui is so cute ((:
    hope his treatment will go well for him! i own a puupy too, and its worrying when they are unwell or have some fur condition! I do feel you! jia you k!
    anyway, you can try feeding buibui goat milk! dogs can drink goat milk better than cow's milk to fatten him up! ^^ that's what i did to my CHH puppy! he love it!

    paw turning from pink to black means he is growing up! ^^ then they are fully grown to adult size more or less it will be fully black!

    1. Thanks for your advise. Tried with the goat milk and he got diarrhea. xD
      Yeah, I kinda figured that the paws will changed colours!



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