Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cesar Millan @ MBS

Got a phone call from Gillian asking if I was interested to go down to MBS to watch Cesar Millan......
LOL, no kidding. I was super duper excited man!
Cabbed down immediately. Never in my life have I ever felt that 15bucks for cab fares was like so well worth. :D :D :D

Was a pity that I couldn't get a photo with him though. By the time I reach there, I was stopped by the security asking for tags. :/
Saw Cesar Millan's back view as he walked away from me. :(
Chilled with Freda at Cold Rock. My first cup of this ice cream from this creamery - Over-rated.

Selca while waiting!

Woot! Ticket! Super grateful to Gillian for remembering me and Freda for mentioning my name! :D

With Freda and her friend.

And we were in the VIP box!

(^_^)V, don't know why my heart is like pumping so hard while typing this. xD

L to R: Gillian's sister, Gillian and Gillian's hubby (Bryan).

The place was so packed man.

Full house I think!

On our seat, there's this piece of paper where we get to ask Cesar questions. Freda filling up hers.
Regret not filling up mine!

The show begins! :D
One by one, owners with their beloved dogs came onto the stage to let Cesar correct their mistakes.

Cesar and his son - the puppy whisperer.

What Cesar believes in...

Standing ovation!

There he goes.... End of the show. Whole show was around 2 hours! :(

But luck Freda and I was seated in the VIP area, we get an extra session - close up Q&A session with Cesar himself!

Outfit of the day (OOTD).

Durian @ C's house.

Super duper sweet! Looking at this picture, makes me crave for it!

We were given a goodie bag! :D

Check it out~

Super happy when I saw his autograph! Have yet to start reading it!

 Some pictures of cutie pie in his new sleepwear.

Let him sleep with us in the aircon for the night.

Makeup removed.

Time to sleep! Goodnight y'all!


  1. hi hayley , may i know how much did you spend for your braces in total? (:
    and i have to say that you are really very very pretty. viewing your blog kills my self-esteem a little. hahaha .
    im motivated to be as pretty as you (: doubt it'll come true though! hehe


    1. Hi D, it cost around 4k. Haha! Confidence is the key my dear!

  2. OMG!! How your friend manage to get the tickets?? It's free and what's more it's VIP!!! OMGGGGGGGGGGGG Super jealous!! The normal ticket cost 200plus and VIP cost a bomb!

    1. Haha yeah, I am super grateful that she remembered me and gave me that call. :D Well, her family sponsored the event, so she got the tickets. :) I guess I'm really lucky! (^_^)v

  3. your looks... without make up is very ugly .

    1. Your English... Without studying properly, is very lousy.
      Irregardless of what you've said, it doesn't really affect me.
      Cos deep down I know I'm beautiful in my own ways, with or without makeup. ;)



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