Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Covelli @ Orchard Central


Sleepy afternoon for my love.

Time for me to head out to Orchard Central for.....

.... More camwhoring! HAHA! Nah, just joking. :P

A food tasting session @ Covelli! :D
It's located at the basement 2 of Orchard Central.

Offers you don't wanna miss out!

Love the furnishing of the restaurant. Super atas and classy.

Check out the wine menu printed on a wine bottle. xD

Lunch of the day, all from this menu.
The wine that we had that day was named Lychee Gancia Prosecco. Very fruity and me likey!


Antipasto Frutti di Mare.

Baby Spinach Salad - My favourite out of all the dishes!

This picture is taken to prove how good it is! :P

Up next, Pasta time!

Pasta al Pesto Gamberi - This one taste really good and subtle.

Chorizo Salsiccia di Pasta - Too strong for my liking.


Smoked Duck Breast with Pumpkin cake.

Kurobuta Pork Belly.

Goes super well with the pork belly.


Gamberoni al Forno - The black stuff on the fish is very crispy. The fish taste soooooo good!

Barramundi e Astice.
By the time this dish was out, I was super bloated already.

Quattro di Carne Pizza. (Additional order) - Really good and still remains crispy even when it's cold.

However, I did managed to finish this! You will always have room for:



After lunch, we were given a tiny tour of their private function rooms.
Super love their chandeliers.

Great place for events and meetings. Able to hold up to more than 20 people.

Thank you to the lovely people at P.P who invited me down for lunch, the people I met that day and Covelli.

Walked to Far East Plaza after that to look for Jayley and the rest.

Candy flosses! Been a while since I last had them! Thank you Shirleen!

Rehearsal time!

Been really busy and productive lately. Super love those days when I have something to do and 充实 myself with.

Thank you for dropping by folks!
If you're thinking about having lunch or dinner in town, why not consider dining at Covelli? ;)


  1. Hi. Where did you buy your motor bag ? Its nice !

  2. You're acting? I spot Julie and Jayley in the last pic!

  3. Hey (: Not trying to be condescending or anything, I actually really enjoy reading your blog, but there's no such word as "stuffs"! (: Stuff itself is already the plural form (:



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