Thursday, June 28, 2012

A day out in town!


2 of my cutie pies! :D
C giving Bui Bui a milky treat he bought from Taiwan. Bui Bui didn't seem to like it though. :/

On our way to Chinatown for a tea session with my family!
Camwhore time!

#2 - Smile with teeth! :D :D :D


#4 - Woot! I like this photo!


L to R & top to bottom.
Love it - least.

My cute family!

No idea where daddy looking at. XD

C and I.

Jayley and I head down to Taka for Clara babe's event!



Fell in love with this drink thank to them sponsoring Clara's event!

Chilled at Frolick before heading to H & M to shop!

Buys of the day! Been a while since I last shopped. :D

Stitch mirror C got me from Tokyo!

#8 - Collage of selcas.

Have a goodnight rest!


  1. Where did you get the acid washed/stone washed leggings from? and how much? :D

  2. hi there, may i know where u get the silver metal hairband? and how much? thanks! and ur blog is always interesting n nice to read! jiayous!

    1. Hi there! It's from H&M. Forgotten the price! About 8 bucks?



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