Sunday, June 24, 2012

Domino Pizza @ Singapore Flyer


It's PIZZA and selcas (as usual) day! :D






Wanted to Instagram the followings by the connection keep on stopping me from uploading them. :/

#8 - Managed to upload one in the end :D
Follow me! Hayleystitch.

#9 - Literally :D (Shape of my jaw)


Traveled all the way to Singapore Flyer for a food tasting session! Well not exactly a food tasting session. Scroll down for more information!

Does the balloons seem familiar?

Well, it's Domino Pizza! 

They listened and came out with an app for all iPhone users! :D

Check this out! Go download the app if you're a pizza lover!

And by the way, their food is really really delicious! #foodporn
Drumlets and onion rings.

My favourite pizza from them is definitely the Chilli Chicken (1st in the collage).

#12 - Random selca.

Took a slice of the Hawaiian - Mmmmm hmm~ *oishii*

Time to head to the Singapore flyer for some touristy fun!

Pior to taking the flyer, the organizer ordered a set of meal on the app using less than 15 seconds!
We were all given an iPad to track the time and location of the pizza on the flyer.

Now for some scenery photos......

That night was also the day for Beer Fest.

Instagram-ed: Beautiful Singapore at night.

ECP highway.

Love this photo a lot!

Bloggers in container.

Group photos time!

William and Yuhao.


Janet :D

Selcas time!


Made new friends that day - Maybeline and Shine.

Back to the event venue for a photo with the walking app.

Head down to O'Learys Bar and Grill for more food.

Buffet style.

The fish and eclair was the bomb man!

Selcas taken while I was on my way home on the MRT.

As my blog readers, here's a voucher for y'all to redeem when you order Domino pizzas


Or on your iPhone.

Simply key in BLG15 for the redemption.

Do order Chilli Chicken if you have the chance. It taste awesome! :D


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