Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fujitsu Lifebook Series 2012 @ Kuriya Penthouse


Starting off this post with my outfit of the day, plus two of my favourite selcas!



Good makeup day must camwhore. So there you go.... xD
#4 - Smileys~


#6 - 'Touch hair' pictures. LOL

Time to head out to Kuriya Penthouse located at Orchard Central for an event launch by Fujitsu.

Up up here we go!


Press release and a glass of lime juice.

Very jappy furnishing = wood.

Linda Black, the host of the day.

Spotted Kyla working as one of the model!

The concept of this whole series is from the word Takumi.

With the introduction of the new Intel platform, the LIFEBOOK LH532 is now refreshed with the 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor, i7 Quad Core on the Intel® Chief River Platform - enhanced by the NVIDIA® Optimus™ Technology with embedded 2GB VRAM and the DTS Boost™ Sound Enhancement for superior graphics and audio performance. Weighing at 2.1kg, the laptop possesses the distinctive F-Line, spill-resistant keyboard and a streamlined, soft touch pad that is gentle on the fingertips, with a delicately levelled surface for added comfort. Enjoy a tinge of class and elegance with a colour option of Shiny Black and Garnet Red complete with a suede-like textured chassis. 

Pretty Kyla with a super chio pink laptop - I WANT!
The multimedia powerhouse is exquisitely fitted with the ONKYO® Box Speakers that delivers exceptional audio performance and crystal-clear sound clarity. The DTS UltraPC II Plus™ Sound System minimises sound interference while enabling a vast distinction in audio pleasure. Driven by the powerful, new 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processor, i7 Quad Core on the Intel® Chief River Platform with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, the LIFEBOOK LH772 integrates a dedicated 2GB NVIDIA® Optimus™ graphics and a 14-inch High Definition SuperFine LCD screen, to bring you the perfect balance of performance and long battery lifespan. Immerse and enjoy the melodious symphonic concerts or be amazed by the realistic sound and visual effects from the latest action blockbusters at the luxury and comfort of your home. With the Japanese Takumi design philosophy in mind, the LIFEBOOK LH772 is housed in 3 beautiful urban colours of Shiny Black, Urban White and Cosmos Pink. A key strength in Fujitsu’s innovations is the ability to incorporate user-centric features in our notebooks. The LIFEBOOK LH772 comes with the new Face Sense Utility that intelligently pauses or resumes applications or activities on the LIFEBOOK when human presence is detected. Ergonomically designed with full-sized dichromatic keys and 10-key number pad, the notebook comes with an exquisitely designed textured palm rest to prevent any residual fingerprint while giving a luxurious feel at the same time. The Fujitsu Unique Scroll Wheel, touch pad, Finger Print Recognition Technology and Status LED indicator all come together to provide great convenience and ease of use when working on the LIFEBOOK. Another key innovation is the Fujitsu Patented Ventilation System which is an effective total ventilation solution that allows easy cleaning and maintenance, thus resulting in prolonging the LIFEBOOK’s operational life.

Close up of the chio pink laptop (LH772) that I had my eyes on! 
Love how they put the number pad by the side and not on top.

Time to eat some food!

Love the way they present the sushi!



Fried salmon.


Super nice salad.

Not sure what this is, but it taste pretty good.

Assorted maki.

Mochi for dessert!

Here's what I grabbed:
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Group photos time!
With Herbert and gorgeous Vanessa babe.

Friendly Ethan :D

Cutie Kyla.

With the Kimono girls.

Vanessa and the girls.

With Vanessa, Zurina and Linda.

Met up with C to catch Snow White in town.
Raining night.

#8 - Abrupt shock face to end the post. Needa run to do an errand! :P

Thanks for dropping by!

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