Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meiji Amino Collagen

Got a delivery a few days ago from Meiji!

Since its debut in Japan in 2002, Meiji Amino Collagencontinues to evolve to maximise its effectiveness and brings its beautifyingpower to savvy men and women around the world.
2012 is the 10th Anniversaryof Meiji Amino Collagen in Japan.It continues to be the Most Widely-sold PotableCollagen in JAPAN as well asoutside JapanIt remains the No.1 Collagensupplement for beverage consumption in Japan by sales.

The 5 Good Reasons why Meiji AminoCollagen is well loved:
Just 5,000mg- the right amount, - no more and no less the amount needed to feelthe effects
The Power of Fish Derived Collagen – 1.5 times higher level of absorption by thehuman body than pig-derived collagen
Ease of drinking- using our superb technology, we had reduced the odour of collagen foreasy and enjoyable drinking
Purity and Easy absorbable Collagen Peptide – low molecular Fish Collagen Peptide for goodabsorption
Good Combination of Collagen with other important beauty ingredients – A single spoonful(about 7g)contains 5,000mg of Fish Collagen,450mg of Arginine(amino acid-a beautyfactor),60mg of Glucosamine &50mg of Vitamin C.

2012 IMPROVEMENT- Evolving into nearly odour-freecollagen drink resulted from Meiji’s uniquenew manufacturing process, it is now with much lower levels of collagen’scharacteristic odour.
Meiji’s Amino collagen is Sugar free(no sugar ingredient) and has a low calories per serving (27 kcals only), thusenhancing its health benefits for men and women worldwide.

I've tried this and to my surprise, there is totally no weird smelling odour at all! True to what they have promised, a pleasant surprise. It's really easy to prepare. I just pour one spoonful of this goodness into my Milo and tadaaa, I'm able to get collagen from it!

If you are interested, why not head down to Meiji's roadshow @ Takashimaya B2 fountain area from 6-8 Jul (Fri-Sun)

Roadshow Line-up includes:
a. Instant lucky draw (lucky draw forms will be handed out to interested customers, they just have to fill up the form to participate in the instant draw at the roadshow. Prizes will be Meiji Amino Collagen products.)
b. Exchange your existing empty collagen products (any brands) for a FREE MEIJI Amino Collagen white can. (MAIN Activity)
c. Free Sampling on-site

Thanks for reading.
Hope this is helpful for you ladies who wish to have better skin and more collagen! :D


  1. Wow :) I love Meiji Amino Collagen. Maybe, I will go to the roadshow. Thank You for informing everyone :) I hope you will have better skin and healthy everyday.



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