Thursday, June 07, 2012

NPNF scouting, Heroine Make Princess Ball & Town day


Super loads of camwhore photos! Bo bian, good hair day must snap more photos! xD

It's not that easy to take a nice side profile shot!
2 of my favourite selcas that day.

Tip: Your head cannot turn too much away from the camera!

Another favourite shot. xD

Taken using Iphone camera.

So I drove down to town together with Jayley to drop her off for the New Face 2012 hunting.
I was a lil gian of joining this year's one so I parked my car at Wheelock and approached the scouting team myself. LOL *super thickskinned*

After that, went straight down to Great World City for a makeup event.
Was already late so I was frantically looking for a parking lot.
After doing a few rounds and waited for approximately 15 minutes, finally saw this pair of couples preparing to leave their lot. So, I switched on my hazard lights and waited.
As I was reversing my car into the lot, another car suddenly drove into the lot that I had my eyes on.
First time encountering such ungentleman uncle with his girlfriend (who was wearing a wig) and son.
I was so pissed off, I stepped out of my car and confronted him.
Told him that I was waiting for this lot for around 15 minutes and I was already running late, expecting him to apologise and leave the lot.
BUT NO, that did NOT happen.
Stupid uncle argued and said that I wasn't suppose to wait at the side.
I was like,"SERIOUSLY?! WHAT THE HECK? If I were to wait at the position that you were at just now, other cars wouldn't be able to pass through la."
Stupid shit!!!!!
I went back into my car and grab my phone.
There you go! I hope you guys won't have the chance to meet this super ungentleman owner of this car.
Or maybe someone will treat him the way he treated me in the near future.
Karma's a bitch I tell you uncle!

After snapping the photo of his car, I commented,"Sorry but I'm going to post your car plate license up on STOMP". LOL
I thought he wasn't scared cos he said,"Post lor post lor."
But after walking away, he walked back, wanting to snap a photo of my car too.
Too bad, I drove away. HAHAHAH stupiddddddddddddddd.
*Phew* Nuff ranting.


We had a challenge!
The challenge was to see who among us will have the biggest eyes differences (in length) before and after makeup.

I'm loving the unique brush of the mascara!

Sweet treats on our table.

And a personalized door gift - bracelet.
Oh, I quite like their eyelash curler too!

Cheryl babe was there too!
Before makeup....

After making up, using only these....

The bristles of the mascara helped a lot in separating my lashes.
I absolutely hate clumping of lashes when using mascara.

Other products that they have:

My differences was only 0.2cm. xD

This girl won the challenge with a difference of 2.1cm. Literally O_O!!

Some photos with the people there.
The speaker.

Shiella babe.

Camwhoring with the balloon. The anime look so pretty!
I remembered once I tried drawing those eyes! Quite easy to draw! Shall post the picture up if I can find it.

All the hime(s) standees.

With Esther and Fidellis.

Group photo.

More goodies for us to take home!
The one in the middle is a mascara remover! Quite useful and handy!

Just so nice I'm running out of chapstick! XD

Drove down to Cineleisure to meet Jayley up.

Her using my camera to take photo of herself while she waited for me to finish my Chicken mushroom Tendergrill burger (my favourite burger of all fast food restaurant!).

Walked to H&M and 313 to waste our time away.
Went to have some desserts at level 4 of 313.
My one not nice one. :(

Jayley's mango sago not bad!

Jiaxi came and find us.
Off we go to Scape for some shopping from the flea.
Got these:
Chio necklace for only 3 bucks!!! (The ring was a freebie.)
Stitch portable charger for 18 bucks.

Walked back to Cineleisure together and chilled at Frolicks.

That's about all for that day. 
Thank you for dropping by! 
Hope you've enjoyed reading.


  1. Hi. which brand and colour is your lipstick? the colour is so nice :-)

    1. It's CandyDoll. I think it's in Ramune Pink.

  2. Nice Blog post. I really love all the pictures. You are so awesome. You are so cute before and after make up. I also love Chicken Mushroom and Tendergrill Chicken. By the way, You are clever as you took down the photo of the car plate number. Looking forward to your next blog post.

  3. Could you stop using 'Click to see more', it is kinda troublesome.

    1. Sorry if you don't like it, but I like to keep things organized. ;)

  4. Can i know what camera are you using? You look so pretty! :)

  5. Hey, just wondering, you have your own car? O_O

    Not your parents', or your bf's?

    Do you pay it yourself?

  6. who is the elder sis among u & jayley??

    1. Hmmm.. Jayley?? (*v*)

    2. Oops.. Hehehe.. Anyway, U both r veri pretty~~

    3. Haha! Thank you for saying that. xD

  7. hello! where did you bought your stitch portable charger? (:

    1. From a booth at the Scape's weekend flea!

  8. How long since you've gotten your license? Do you have problems with parking initially or now still?



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