Saturday, June 09, 2012

Part-time job + Bowling!


The fitting at Mediacorp I went for previously was for this job that I've received - Trophy girl for Channel 5's reality soccer sitcom: First XI.
My new contacts:

Went on down to Jalan Besar Stadium early in the morning 9.30am for rehearsals.

With Tini, my partner of the day A.K.A another Trophy girl.

Dropped her off at Bugis at around 12pm and headed down to C's house for a quick nap.
Reporting time was 5pm. Woke up at 3plus to prepare.


Camwhoring starts now.

Luckily I left early! Super hard to find a parking there.

Holding room.

Pretty Tini!

Time to camwhore with my partner!

Touching up our makeup.

And viola~

Shared a box of lunch with Tini.

Shoes of the day.
Black wedges from Charles and Keith. Quite comfy!

Guess who were the ones standing/sitting behind me? XD

Went to sit at the audience area.

Some pre-soccer performances.


Military band~

Finally, both teams came out - First XI and All Star League.

Half-time performance.
Taufik Batisah.

And Rossa from Indonesia!

Random photo that I've sent Jayley to cheer her up.

Zing - The person who found me the job!

2nd performance from Taufik....

... And Rossa! She actually sang Pudar!
I know how to sing Pudar k? Mai siao siao. Super catchy tune.

After changing out~

One with Zing.

And a group photo. xD
Is it just me or I find Tini resembles Dawn Yeoh a lil bit?

Drove down to Bugis and met these guys up for a while.

Kelvin and his new cute hairstyle! xD

Ain't he cute?!?! xD

Went to Civil Service Club to look for C and his family.

It's BOWLING time! :D
First time getting 3 Strikes in a game, 2 Strikes in a row!!!

Score deteriorated a lot cos we were all running out of time. Couldn't play at ease as they were closing. :(

Indian Rojak @ Mustafa's CMK.

Home for the night.

Tiring tiring night....

Goodnight y'all! :D


  1. pretty pretty hayley :) just my opinion but i think u will look better with side-swept fringe.

  2. I think you look prettier now! but please stop placing the sunglasses on your head even when you're not under the sun

    1. Haha, okays. It's just my habit of doing that. Very good and handy hair accessory I must say.

  3. who is the guy in grey? so handsome! haha..

  4. Pretty Hayley :) I really love all the photos :) Tini is really pretty and awesome. BuiBui looks so cute when he sleeps. Anyway, you are really awesome.

  5. You look like a taiwan actress! She got act in the sat & sun 7pm show de.



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